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16-Jul-2017 06:16

Perhaps the reason why retro isn’t as prevalent today as it was in the past is because audiences have stopped looking towards the past and have begun looking at the future.Today on Retro Raunch we’re doing something a little bit different!9”, I do have its reviews, and, as I’ve mentioned before, they’re not that great, with an average score of around 5/10.But the lack of success for these otherwise massively high profile projects is only a symptom, not a cause.

Instead of looking at the past, we’re looking at the future.In 2008, “Iron Man” blew people’s minds with the promise of a shared universe between numerous movie franchises, but it wasn’t until 2012 when “The Avengers” hit that this promise was actually fulfilled, and we saw the heroes of 4 movies teaming up to stop a bigger threat.Since then, we’ve learned what the Marvel Cinematic Universe holds for us all the way up until 2019, and the same can be said for the DC Extended Universe, which started in 2011 with “Man of Steel”.For a while, it was all about retro, retro, retro, prompting many people to jokingly ask “What year is it?

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