Lotus notes local replica not updating

05-Jun-2017 08:25

Normally, when a document does not contain a reader field or if both servers involved in the replication are listed in the reader field of both copies of the document, a replication conflict will be generated when the document is modified on both servers before replication takes place.

However, in this particular situation, since the secondary server does not have access to the document on the primary server, replication fails as is expected and a replication conflict is not generated because in order for a conflict document to be generated, both servers need to have access to the document.

The reason the documents are left/not updated on server B is that removal of the server B from reader field on the document makes it invisible to the server hence it has no idea that it has changed, or been deleted.

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The replicator should notice this, determine that server B no longer has rights to the document, and remove it -- without leaving a stub.You can't even force server A to write to server B because server A will know that server B isn't allowed to see the document so a push replication will ignore the document in question.Problem Normally, when a server is removed from the reader field of a document, after scheduled replication takes place, the document is deleted from the server since that server no longer has access to the document.Resolving the problem 1.) A short term solution would be to modify the document on the primary server so that its sequence number is higher than document on the secondary server.