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01-Mar-2017 12:06

A SPOT : An erogenous zone located in the anus near the prostate. AC/DC : Person who enjoys participating in sexual acts with both males and females. AC/DC DILDO : A dildo with two sized heads – a large head on one side and a smaller head on the other. I’m sure not too many people would seek medical treatment for this condition. ADELPHOGAMY : A marriage in which brothers share their wives.

ABLUTOPHILIA : A paraphilia where an individual is unusually sexually excited by baths or showers.

ANGRY DRAGON : Ejaculating into someone’s mouth and then hitting them on the back of the head or neck, forcing the cum out of their nose so that they look like an angry fire breathing dragon.

ANIMAL ROLEPLAY: One or both people involved assume animal personas.

ANAL DILDO : Usually a dildo of a smaller size designed specifically for anal use.

These dildos usually have a rim or a flare at the bottom to stop the dildo being able to go all the way in and being difficult to remove.

ADOLESCENTILISM : Deriving sexual pleasure from dressing as an adolescent. ADULT : Person over the age of 18 or material of an adult (pornographic) nature.

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ANAL COITUS : Anal sex, ass fucking, buggery, sodomy.ALAN WHICKERS : Rhyming slang UK, knickers, panties.ALBUTOPHILIA : Sexual stimulation or arousal from water (H2O). ALGOLAGNIA : Another less common term for the practice of sadomasochism or S&M.ANAL PLAY / ASS PLAY: Sexual act involving stimulation and penetration of the ass. ANAL PROBE : Another term for anal dildo, anal plug or if you are abducted by aliens and subjected to kinky medical experiments. ANAL VIBE : A smallish vibrator designed to stimulate the anus, usually has a rim or flare at the base to stop the item being fully inserted where it could become lodged and requiring potentially embarrassing medical attention to remove it. ANGRY DRAGON : Slang for expelling semen from the mouth or nose after ejaculation, usually following oral sex.

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