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But of course, both sides have got people there that can deal with those types of things if it should go wrong. We don't take the time now to walk in the countryside and see what's around us. The stories of the fair and other ghosts and things, and started to disappear, especially whenever things started to move much faster. And no one walks anymore, there's hardly any bicycles. However, they haven't disappeared because even within the cities here in Ireland, both within the Catholic and Protestant community, there still are stories happening.But I think Ireland as a whole is a great island for storytelling. And even within our great cities with the electric lights and everything else. It's just how we perceive what is actually happening.Do you think the Catholics are more open to paranormal than other Christian varieties?

And perhaps maybe a little bit about the case you guys investigated in Demark if you don't mind. Overseas they say a castle, and they're not kidding. And when they said a dungeon, they were not kidding. And honestly in a lot of ways the history in The States just can't, it can't touch the history overseas, it just can't.(performer: "Baby Face", "Love to Love You Baby", "One", "Splish Splash", "Corner of the Sky", "Attitude Dancing", "Dance with Me", "The Hustle", " (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty", "The Way We Were" - uncredited) [Of Florence Henderson]: I did have a crush on her - I was also, like 16.I think that my approach to going out and Florence's were slightly different.And however, what we did discover was the first time that we have ever filmed this type of phenomenon on TV. Kris Williams: Honestly it was just an opportunity that was offered to me. Kris Williams: I have a hard time looking at it like that honestly. And however, there have to be certain protocols that have to be met as well before that can happen.