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22-Jun-2017 07:50

As recently as last week, Jeremy was appearing on claimed that the pair were in talks to sign up for the series, despite not being on speaking terms.

Before January's series, Stephanie was also rumoured to be heading in, but tweeted: "Come on now. It was lovely to be asked by my priorities are my son and being an amazing mummy. The first wife of US President Donald Trump What's the rumour? Now, it's rumoured that producers are desperate to get her back in the house and have even offered her a £2 million deal.

Taking to Twitter, she randomly told her loyal army of followers: "I've only just packed my cases from Cbb. In his trademark sassy style, Perez revealed: "For those of you who sweetly keep wanting an update or confirmation.... Kellie Maloney."When they saw me back in 2014 I was in a very bad place because I was coming to terms with myself and I was fighting myself as well as being accepted by the world, because there was still a lot of Frank in me."The house helped me a lot, so I'd love to go back, as I don't think the world really met the real Kellie Maloney.

Yes, I was asked to appear on next month's #Celebrity Big Brother "all-stars" edition in the U. Despite my better judgement, I said I would do it... I wouldn't say no if it was offered to me, as it would give me the opportunity to show the world how I've matured and how I've grown up and how I've become the real me.". There have been petitions, I get hundreds of notifications a day.

Apparently, show bosses are hoping she'll expose all sorts of secrets about the US President..

But now his schedule is looking a little clearer and the reality star is hoping they'll give him another chance.

it's a very tricky one and idk if I can do it."I want all my followers advice. Her ex-boyfriend DJ Brad Houston dropped a huge hint recently that's she being considered for the series.

On my last Instagram post tell me whether I should or shouldn't? He wrote on Facebook: "Hope she gets it, the girl deserves some good luck." We'll watch this space. She made TV history earlier this year by becoming the first ever transgender model to compete in the British reality show.

""I never do anything just for attention, I'd never stage anything like Speidi – they act.He told The Sun: "Of course I'll do the show again.They asked me in January and they're probably going to ask me again this summer."Nicola Mc Lean Who? She's already done CBB twice before, but Nicola recently sparked rumours that she could be signing up for a third time. Perez Hiltonproducers, adding: "I wanted a lot more than that."In December, Perez Hilton put public pressure on Channel 5 to meet his salary demands as rumours started swirling about fellow All Stars Speidi (aka Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt), Coleen Nolan, James Jordan and Jasmine Waltz returning to the house.She also makes her own music and posts music videos and performances on there as well.

Elsewhere in the show, it was all about romance, as the contestants got all romantic for Love Week. With Valentines Day approaching, all the stars starting out on the 'carousel of love', before first couple Kem Cetinay and Alex Murphy tried to set the judges hearts a flutter with their One Direction dance.… continue reading »

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As a child, my father started teaching me to play poker. Mind you we never played for any stakes other than fun. A long time back after he died, I found myself buying decks of cards just for stress relief.… continue reading »

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Making a spectacle of themselves! Love Island's Kem Cetinay debuts messy mop of curls as he shares an awkward kiss with Amber Davies at Specsavers bash… continue reading »

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PUBLISHED SINCE 1986 “Wellness is a multidimensional state of being describing the existence of positive health in an individual as exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well-being.” -Charles B. Corbin PUBLISHER KEM Media Group, LLC Keith Matter [email protected]continue reading »

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