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29-Apr-2017 09:27

To keep things easier to follow, I copied that folder on my desktop. If there are no incompatibility issues or malware, the antivirus should successfully update his database.The main disadvantage when you need to update Kaspersky Antivirus manually is that you will have to repeat the same procedure each time when you need the latest database.First, you need a computer running Kaspersky Antivirus with a working Internet Connection.

If you don`t have an Internet Connection at one or several computers but you still want to keep your antivirus updated, this should help you.Further to that, I have tried to allow tightvnc the ability to interact with the endpoint application(So that I can click the Support/Licence buttons and start manual scans etc), but those settings are not pulled down either.So far I have configured a firewall rule between both sites that enables access via all the ports listed on; have uninstalled the client, rebooted and reinstall, but no luck there either.As you can see in the following image, there are two things: the folder that contains the updated database and also the same setup file with the antivirus running on my computer.

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I had troubles in the past, trying to update the antivirus database on a different antivirus version ( older ).

Go to main antivirus interface and choose ```` and take a look at the next window.

Kaspersky Databases are out of date on a client. I did download updates of the OS and the Kaspersky from the. then the Kaspersky DB does not… continue reading »

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