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September 20, the actress stunned the world when news about her filing for divorce from Brad Pitt, her husband of two years, broke. Jonny Lee Miller (1995 to 1999) The relationship ended after shooting ended, but the couple re-kindled their romance the following year and were married on March 28, 1996.

Jolie wore black rubber trousers and a white T-shirt to the wedding.

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and was discovered by Hollywood when Joel Schumacher cast him in the lead role in the war drama Tigerland in 2000. During that time, he also appeared in Steven Spielberg's science fiction thriller Minority Report (2002) and as the villain Bullseye in the superhero film Daredevil (2003).

The news was such a thunderbolt that even their buddy George Clooney was caught unawares when a CNN reporter asked him for a reaction to their split.

(2003) and The Recruit (2003), establishing his international box-office appeal.On August 23, 2014, the couple surprised everyone when they were wed at their French estate.Now after being married for two years, Angie has filed for divorce from Brad, citing irreconcilable differences.His only alibi was apparently a journal kept by his friend that explained the two had been across town that night, taking MDMA. Alan Morrison of Empire wrote, "Farrell can usually be relied upon to bring a spark to the bonfire.

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That's also true of [this movie]." Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times criticised Farrell's accent, writing that he "employ[ed] a wobbly American accent that makes him sound like an international criminal a step ahead of the authorities"., but they accepted their relationship only after Pitt's divorce from Jennifer Aniston came through.In January 2006, Angelina confirmed she was pregnant with Pitt's child and the couple announced their engagement in April 2012.Billy dumped Dern and embarked on a bizarre relationship that reportedly included among other things storing vials of each other's blood around their necks, vampire worship and sex in the limousine on their way to an awards ceremony. After being married for two years, the couple announced their separation in 2002.