Jokes about dating high maintenance women

22-Jul-2017 21:34

This is a top 12 list that my friend and I put together of ways you can tell that your girl might be high maintenance.I’ve probably left some critical tell tale signs off this list.This spills over into things that don’t cost money too.For example, she pouts when you want to have a couple friends over to watch the game, and she also pouts when you won’t watch back-to-back episodes of Glee.But, if you are gonna keep her; you are going to have to pay to play.There is nothing wrong with wanting a trophy girl on your arm if that is going to make you happy.

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The funny thing is, even after all that, she never really seems happy.

If your car isn’t an expensive sports car (preferably a convertible), she will wear big dark sunglasses so nobody recognizes her riding in it.

Im high maintenance AND THIS ARTICLE IS COMPLETE BS. actually the women with low self esteem are the ones that are low maintence. the women who wrote this.… continue reading »

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