Is nigel lythgoe dating mary murphy

14-Apr-2017 19:56

Alexis was eventually let go too, making for an unsurprising yet disappointing elimination as two tappers bit the dust. —and Jasmine were in danger, along with Alan and Nico. Alan probably sighed in relief to learn Curtis was injured, securing Alan another week without having to dance for his life.Jenna and Tucker first shared their early dance performances (disturbingly, Jenna already had the “sex kitten” thing down as a young child), then kicked off the night with an underwhelming Luther Brown hip-hop number.It’s just not really what I do, so I stick with what I do and what I love.” The stage was a veritable jungle of props, and one of them caught Amy: she slipped on her napkin and knocked over her chair but recovered beautifully.Nigel is right, however, that they’ve been playing the same kinds of characters from week to week.

We were concerned there wouldn’t be any actual salsa in the routine, but there was, and the initial big drop was thrilling: the audience let out an audible gasp.She was the dancing stand-in for Julia Roberts in the film Something to Talk About.recaps last week, missing the slightly surprising departure of Mariah and Blu Print.She turned out to be a terrific judge: smart, funny, and adorable with insightful things to say.

Much more useful than last week’s Carly Rae Jepsen, but that’s not saying much.This week, as an added bonus, we went to the studio and spoke to the dancers, the choreographers, and judges Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.After a thrilling contemporary and Paso Doble group number choreographed by Sonya Tayeh and Dmitry Chaplin—the opening tableau alone was breathtaking—Cat Deeley introduced Nigel and Mary along with guest judge Anna Kendrick.She studied physical education and dance in college, and then applied for a job as a dance instructor in Washington, D. She and her partner won the 1990 and '91 Austrian National Championships, after which she opened her own dance academy.