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I mean, we did a fully orchestrated three-hour opera in French. I went to the Great Neck Village School, which is an alternative high school. Once week 10 arrives there will be 4 couples remaining.We both just wanted to be out there dancing and singing and performing, and we just wanted people to believe in us. But there were various community theater and very professional theater houses that I loved to perform at, and I was blessed enough to get cast in plays there. Was it comfortable because high school can be really weird? The hip guy in school, who approached the girl who didn't really fit in You enjoy their characters because they are nice guys, and that's what you don't find in high school. I think that's magical, [that] she brings out the best in everyone. That's when I got into theater and I started performing. When Tracy is made fun of by Amber and Wilma, I know what it's like. Tracy if you could now turn around to Amber and say You know, it's funny; I've gone home now and see a lot of those girls. Seeing how you wear your hair now, how does it feel for you to wear it in 50s styles like that big beehive? Like 20 years down the road, Tracy is making sandwiches for Link. So, for me, to work with one of my idols was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and now to know her for the person she is, the incredible human being, is really the most rewarding thing. I cut each score out and attached a popsicle stick.Adam Shankman was my Corny Collins, he believed with me. As far as I'm concerned, Nikki is a real-life Tracy. What were you doing before that prepared you for this? Honestly, my high school was the only high school in the country that does a fully worked, orchestrated opera every year. Mine was relatively average, because I was a good student. I left my high school my junior year, with like a 4. I was so focused on academics that I really didn't have time to worry about the pressures of high school. Everybody deserves a second chance, so I'm talking to them, and I know who my real friends are. Actually, I get to go brag around now, because I did change a little bit to play Link. That was fun for me, but of course now I get to run and talk about it, pretend how dedicated I am. It was the first time I ever reached 5 feet because I'm 4" It was the final piece for Tracy, the final way of getting into that character and letting her emerge. It took us about an hour and a half to get it all ratted up and perfectly round. When each performance is over we can raise our score cards and see how we voted compared to each other and to the judges. Fantasy Foxtrot I grew up in a home where sports ruled and every football season the family was waging their bets in the fantasy football brackets. His love for both the show and football inspired this NEXT idea: Here is how it works: In the first column, write down the names of each of the original competing couples. Fill out the entire bracket for the whole season right from the very start. For each week of an elimination, fill up your bracket with the names of the couples you think will be moving on.You could do a private lesson, a group class or often dance studios will host a quick class right before a dance.