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09-May-2017 09:38

Sure, you could dig around in your handset's settings to find them as well, but Green Battery keeps them in one place.

There are a couple of other features you can unlock for a few dollars ( USD, or about £2.80 and AU.70), including battery statistics.

Heads up, though -- you won't want to hibernate apps such as the alarm clock or messaging apps if you plan to use them every day, like I do.

For those of you who are already enjoying the benefits of Android 6.0, Greenify goes a step further with experimental features that piggyback on top of the Doze functionality.

There is a pro version, but unless you're well-versed in system operations, it's best to stick with the free version.

This polished and intuitive app offers varying degrees of battery saving.

As with others, you can create your own custom mode.

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Tapping the optimize button, in essence, cleans up unnecessary, resource-sucking processes and can buy you back an extra hour or more.

These might not sound like battery hogs on their own, but each plays a small role in how much life you get from a single charge.

The four preset profiles (Home, Work, Night and Super-Saving Emergency Mode) can be tailored to your liking; switch between profiles manually or set up profiles that automatically turn on when you hop onto your home or work's Wi-Fi network.

Going premium also removes ads and signs you up for future updates as well.

Separately, the developers have a Google account and a beta community it uses to test new features, too.If you've ever caught yourself scanning a room for outlets, or worrying about how long you can eke out a charge on your phone, then this collection of battery-saving Android apps is for you.These apps are helpful even if you've got a built-in battery-saving feature to help you in a dire situation, and even if you have Android 6.0 Marshmallow software with Doze, Google's built-in feature to pause resource-draining processes when you're not actively using your handset.For example, Aggressive Doze starts your phone hibernating within a few minutes after you stop using it, rather than many hours (like when you're asleep).