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They are sample responses provided only for purposes of illustration, and we don't advise anyone to use the sample responses.

What we advise is that you DO NOT take a Rorschach test for any reason.

Since time is a factor, it is important to come up with good answers fast.

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You aren't supposed to know it, but the psychologist will write down everything you say.The information presented here, including the outlines of the Rorschach inkblots, is not in violation of copyright law.Please don't waste your time writing us to complain or threatening to "turn us into the publisher".Don't put your hands on the cards to block out parts.

The psychologist will watch for all of the foregoing as signs of brain damage.Hermann Rorschach hoped these spontaneous reactions would yield valuable clues to the test subject's personality. Many psychologists think the Rorschach test is hopelessly unreliable; others see it as one of the cardinal tools of modern psychodiagnosis.Even among those who acknowledge the value of the test, there is disagreement on interpretation of responses.The psychologist won't say that many of the cards are easier to interpret when turned; that most people do turn the cards; that he or she will make a notation with a little arrowhead every time you do turn a card; and that you lose points in the initiative department if you don't turn the cards.

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