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21-May-2017 15:52

These are indications of both immaturity and a certain lack of self-esteem and are usually a safe indicator of the type of guy she’s looking for. “Amy89” or “JHanely” are run-of-the-mill profile names will tend to be…The “cameraphone-in-the-mirror” photo is a also a warning sign. well, kinda ordinary, really, with a tendency towards “Sorority Girl”.Also, beware the pseudo-nudes or profiles that mostly feature the girl in bikinis or underwear. Geekier or indie/punk girls will usually have unusual names or nicknames, frequently ones that tie into their interests.Descriptive names are safe indicators of women who crave attention. This is your next clue as to a woman’s true self isn’t just what she says but indicators of low maturity and high drama.These are all indications of a more honest photo, and can give you a better impression of her real personality.Beware common obfuscatory tactics such as the Myspace Pose (hides any double chins, slims the body profile and makes the breasts look larger – gratuitous cleavage is an added bonus), over-exposure (clears away skin imperfections, shrinks the nose, makes the eyes pop) and the Duck Face (makes the lips look poutier and emphasizes the cheekbones).Interestingly party girls and sorority types will describe themselves as such, and instead tend to talk about how they’re “such a goof” or “fun-lovin'”.

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The words you select could be more important than you think, as has revealed the top words featured on its most successful dating profiles – and they might surprise you.

Similarly, if most of the books she is reading are either self-help or the latest popular literary fiction to hit big with the Oprah’s Book Club set, proceed with caution. Also anyone who goes out of their way to talk about sex, hooking up, how good they are at blowjobs or implies she’s on that dating site for easy sex is almost certainly either a scam account or a dude.