How to set up speed dating

28-Jan-2017 16:21

This will be your site to do with as you like but benefiting from the huge experience and investment that we have made in technology over the years.

After an initial investment in the platform you will simply pay for your monthly hosting fees.

Depending on your venue size and number of attendees, you may want to consider using a PA system for explaining the rules and making announcements.

Regardless of these factors, you will need some sort of “signal” to tell people it’s time to move on to the next date. Once everyone is seated and ready to go, start the dating!

Facebook is the natural advertising medium for speed dating events.

If you have an established fan page, we recommend pushing your event on your Facebook page.

We also managed the booking process manually and, although we took credit card payments it was hard to keep track of everyone.

Nowadays a speed dating well proven business idea and viewed by most people as socially acceptable way to find a date for all kind of people in the 21 century.

There’s no better time to set us your speed dating business and with our software at your fingertips, it’s never been easier.

We also provide you with a sign-up page to help track interest in your event.

Watch this video to see how to set up an event, because you’ll need the sign-up link for the next step!It was unsustainable to carry on this way but we knew the answer was to create a bespoke web based system to run the business.Over the past 13 years we’ve built what we believe to be one of the best speed dating management systems in the world.Most organizers use a bell, a bullhorn, or some other noise-making device. You will need to decide how long each date will last. You could adjust this time based on the number of attendees and how long you want the event to last.

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