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29-Jan-2017 07:18

"Do you want my cock in that ass of yours, ass slut? "God, yes," a reply came, this time I instantly recognized the voice as coming from my eighteen year old daughter Christina. "Oh please, Mistress, fuck my ass," she begged, "I want it sooooo bad." The audio ended there and I sat in my car wondering who could possibly have sent it.

In shock, I couldn't help but wonder is my daughter a lesbian? My daughter had never dated anyone seriously, but I had never considered her a lesbian. Just then I received another text from a blocked number: Did you know your daughter is a lesbian slut? "Leave," I said, getting nervous by Tamara's smug attitude.

As number nine fucked me hard, while squeezing my tits, I flashed back to how I ended up a MILF sorority fuck toy. I also had left the welcome basket I was to deliver to a new family on my kitchen counter.

I got a text on the drive home, but waited until I was in the driveway to check it.

"Good girl," she purred condescendingly, which only pissed me off more...shame cascading through me at the demeaning task.

I, as usual, protested the idea, but having long accepted that I was a personal play thing to my daughter, her friends and now the sorority, I knew my protests would fall on deaf ears.I took the moment to try and stand up, but she put her foot on my chest as I began standing up. " "I'm not a dog," I shot back, getting very annoyed at her condescending treatment of me."No, but you're my pet," she corrected, putting her foot to my mouth.In the background was her daughter, Tamara, my daughter's arch enemy, also wearing a strap-on. I typed back, as I got out of the car and went towards the house: I'm calling the cops. I screamed, as I looked directly into the eyes of Tamara, "What the fuck? She pulled her phone out of her purse, turned her camera to me and showed me a picture. I didn't think anything else could shock me after the past few minutes..I was wrong.

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