Gong li dating colin farrell

01-Apr-2017 14:19

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And the less said about Harris’s Brooklyn/Jamaican accent the better., however, features neither.

Farrell, for his part, was reputed to be a professional on the set, but the fact that he checked himself into rehab the day after shooting wrapped indicates he might not have been all that easy to work with, either.

Gong Li and Naomie Harris are both excellent actresses and woefully miscast here.

He even rambles a long, pointless anecdote during the film’s curious last scene rather than provide any context for it. Maybe the shoot was so exhausting that he simply couldn’t connect with the material in more substantive way, or maybe it required so much micro-managing that he couldn’t manage a broad view of the story.

Either way, he never infused this film with his usual style.Key scenes—such as when an informant commits suicide by stepping into traffic—end too abruptly to have any kind of emotional impact.When the movie does allow scenes to breathe, it’s quite beautiful.He invited her to the premiere and after party, but she left once she saw that he was getting cosy with Gong Li: "I gave him my number and just 15 minutes later he sent me a text saying, 'What are u doin over the next couple of hours?

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