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20-May-2017 01:29

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It is highly recommended that you use this official app instead of using fetch on the Mail app.But what if push notifications from the Gmail app stop appearing?When you set fetch for 15 minutes, the app will automatically check for new emails in the background every 15 minutes.Needless to say, this means consumption of battery/resources.Often rebooting the device solves network connectivity issues.Restart your wireless router as well to make sure it's connected to the Internet and working properly.[update 2016-09-02] in i OS 9.3.5 you can simply pull down in the Contacts list to force a sync.If this doesn't appear to work, make sure the problem is with syncing and not with the data i OS "sees" in the Google contacts by testing on a separate contact.

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Unless you pull-down to refresh, the mail app will not check for new email, and therefore, not notify you.

There can be a few problems that could cause this but before we go troubleshooting, let’s first understand what the whole thing about fetch, push and manual refresh is all about.

Apple does not allow “push” notifications from Gmail (or any IMAP-based email) app.

Fetch is where the app checks for new email frequently.

You can set this frequency to be anything from 15 minutes to hourly (and as a redundant feature, manually).

Verify that you can connect to the Internet on your i Phone by opening a new Web browser window and attempting to visit any website.