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16-Apr-2017 23:25

Our waitress had our booth of between 6-8 people for around 3-4 hours. There was no disagreement that the waitress in question provided good service while we were eating, drinking, etc.

Keeping in mind the couple was a little drunk, the guy’s girlfriend was quite distressed.The couple told the waitress who grabbed two hostesses and began looking for it between our table and the waitress station (literally about 15 feet apart).Five minutes later — at the most — the waitress brought the card back and handed it to the girlfriend.If they refused to leave an appropriate compensation for a job well done, I would have left it myself and then have been sure to not go out with those friends again.

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In the event that the service sucked, you could opt to leave a smaller tip (say, 15%), and/or ask to speak to a manager about the server’s behavior. Have you ever been out with friends who were stingy with the tipping?

For more information about tipping (how much and to whom), here’s a handy graphic. Readers, what are some of your more memorable tipping experiences (either as a tippee or a tipper)?

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