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18-Jul-2017 02:09

Sexual radicals remained focused on their attempts to uphold a woman's right to control her body and to freely discuss issues such as contraception, marital-sex abuse (emotional and physical), and sexual education.

These people believed that by talking about female sexuality, they would help empower women.

Laws of particular concern to free love movements have included those that prevent an unmarried couple from living together, and those that regulate adultery and divorce, as well as age of consent, birth control, homosexuality, abortion, and sometimes prostitution; although not all free-love advocates agree on these issues.

The abrogation of individual rights in marriage is also a concern—for example, some jurisdictions do not recognize spousal rape or treat it less seriously than non-spousal rape.

It claimed that such issues were the concern of the people involved, and no one else.

Free-love movements since the 19th century have also defended the right to publicly discuss sexuality and have battled obscenity laws.