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ADQP - Antlerless Deer Quota Program ADQR - ADQS - Allied Domecq Quick Service ADQW - Asymmetric Double Quantum Well ADRA - Adventist Development Relief Agency ADRB - Army Discharge Review Board ADRC - Adroit Data Recovery Centre ADRD - Alzheimer Disease or Related Disorders ADRE - Arizona Department of Real Estate ADRF - Asian Development Research Forum ADRG - Arc Digitized Raster Graphics ADRH - Amgylchedd Dysgu Rhithwir ADRI - Alternative Dispute Resolution ADRJ - Australian Dispute Resolution Journal ADRK - Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub ADRL - American Drag Racing League ADRM - Applied Data Resource Management ADRN - Alternative Dispute Resolution ADRO - Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization ADRP - Autosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa ADRR - Access Dispute Resolution Rules ADRS - American Depository Receipts ADRT - Agricultural Development and Rural Transformation ADRU - Ageing and Disability Research Unit ADRV - Allgemeiner Deutscher Rassehunde Verband ADRW - Annular Deformation Resistance Welding ADRX - ADSA - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Addressed ADSB - Algoma District School Board ADSC - Adobe Document Structuring Conventions ADSD - Australian Defence Signals Directorate ADSE - Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering ADSF - Automatic Directional Solidification Furnace ADSG - American Diabetic Support Group ADSH - ADSL - asymmetrical digital subscriber line ADSM - Abu Dhabi Securities Market ADSN - Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks ADSO - Active Duty Service Obligations ADSP - Audio Digital Signal Processing ADSQ - Aggregated Daily Standby Quantity ADSR - Attack Decay Sustain Release ADSS - All Dielectric Self Supporting ADST - Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training ADSU - Attack Decay Sustain ADSV - Allgemeine Deutsche Sprachverein ADSW - Active Duty Special Work ADSX - ADSZ - ARPZ and Departure Safety Zones ADTA - Australian Driver Trainers Association ADTB - Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour ADTC - Auto Desk Training Centre ADTD - ASUS Dynamic Thermal Dissipation ADTE - Aeronautics Design and Test Environment ADTF - ACR Decrease Time Factor ADTG - Advanced Data Tablegram ADTH - Atlantis Deepwater Technology Holding ADTI - Alexis De Tocqueville Institution ADTJ - Anti Discrimination Training for Judges ADTK - ADTL - Advanced Database Technology Lab ADTM - American Discovery Trail Marathon ADTN - American Dog Trainers Network ADTO - Australian Doctors Trained Overseas ADTP - Australian Divorce Transition Project ADTQ - Anti Discrimination Tribunal Queensland ADTR - American Dance Therapy ADTS - Active Data Transfer Switch ADTT - Accelerator Driven Transmutation Technologies ADTU - Auxiliary Data Transfer Unit ADTV - Allgemeiner Deutscher Tanzlehrer Verband ADTW - Accelerator Driven Transmutation of Waste ADTX - ADVF - Asbestos Demolition Verification Form ADVH - American Dream Vacation Homes ADVI - Aid to Disabled Veterans of Israel ADVM - Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters ADVN - Atopic Dermatitis and Vaccinia Network ADVO - Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders ADVP - Adult Developmental Vocational Program ADVQ - ADVR - Airborne Digital Video Recorder ADVS - Associazione Donatori Volontari Sangue ADVT - ADVan Tage ADVV - AGENCE DE VOS VILLAGESADVY - Akademi Desain Visi Yogyakarta ADVZ - Algemene Danssport Vereniging Zeeland ADWA - African Descendants with Albinism ADWB - ADWC - Air Defense Weapons Center ADWD - Andreas Dorsch Web Design ADWE - Arkansas Department of Workforce Education ADWF - Average Dry Weather Flows ADWG - Australian Drinking Water Guidelines ADWH - American Discount Web Hosting ADWI - Abandoned Dug Wells of Illinois ADWJ - Atlanta Daily World Journalist ADWL - Advanced Diet Weight Loss ADWM - Arizona Department of Weights and Measures ADWN - Air Defense Warning Network ADWP - Associate Director for Weapons Physics ADWQ - Available Daily Withdrawal Quantity ADWR - code for tanning colour sapphire - Automated Digital Weather Switch ADWT - Advanced Digital Weighing Technology ADWU - Adolescent Drug Withdrawal Unit ADWW - Allied Domecq World Wines ADWY - Active Dried Wine Yeast ADXD - ADXF - Accelerator Description Exchange Format ADXG - Ascension DX Group ADXH - code for tanning colour: winter white - Analog device listing PFRC - Peterborough Family Resource Centre ADYA - ADYB - Recombinant Adenovirus Vector - articlerender.fcgi? et de Liaison [ - Anonyme Foreldre Av Mobbeofre AFAN - Association for Astrological Networking [org]AFAO - Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations []AFAP - Attenuated familial adenomatous polyposis AFAQ - L'' Association Francais pour L'' Assurance de la Qualitie AFAR - American Federation for Aging Research AFAS - L'' Association Fran?artid=1440461ADYC - Armagh Diocesan Youth Council ADYD - articulos dentales y derivados ADYF - Asian Development Youth Forum ADYM - ADYS - Alabama Department of Youth Services ADYU - Agloma Deanery Youth Unit. aise des Auteurs de Shareware [ - L'' Association foresti? miscamingue []AFAU - Algonquin Fisheries Assessment Unit AFAV - Adoptive Families Association of Victoria AFAW - Association of Filipino Architects in Washington [org]AFAX - Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility AFAY - acre-feet per acre per year AFAZ - Anarchistisch feministisch autonome Zeitung AFBA - Australian Farriers and Blacksmiths Association AFBB - Africa Federation of Body Building AFBC - Advance Financial Bancorp AFBD - Atmospheric Fluidized Bed AFBE - Athletes for Better Education AFBF - Air Force Band of Flight AFBG - Aufstiegsfortbildungsf?o Cooperativa das Academias de Karate ACAL - Australian Council for Adult Literacy ACAM - American College for Advancement in Medicine ACAN - Association of Canada ACAO - Aero Club Adele Orsi ACAP - Army Career and Alumni Program ACAQ - L'' Association des Conseillers en Agroenvironnement du Quebec ACAR - Australian Centre for Addiction Research ACAS - Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service ACAT - Air Compressors and Air Tools ACAU - Associazione Ciociara Allevatori Uccelli ACAV - Action Committee Against Violence ACAW - Aircraft Control And Warning ACAX - ACAY - type of berry - acay-berry-free-trial-835561ACAZ - Ateliers de Construction A? a Vascular AEEW - Atomic Energy Establishment Winfrith AEEX - Asociaci? os AEEZ - Australian Exclusive Economic Zone AEFA - American Education Finance Association AEFB - Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab AEFC - American Express Financial Corporation AEFD - American Express Financial Directory AEFE - Agence pour l'' Enseignement Fran? l'' Etranger AEFF - African Environmental Film Foundation AEFG - American Eagle Financial Group AEFH - AEFY - Always Excavate From Your AEGA - Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies AEGB - Angel Embrace Gift Box AEGC - American Educational Guidance Center AEGD - Advanced Education General Dentistry AEGE - ASEAN Experts Group on the Environment AEGF - Advantage Early Growth Fund AEGG - American Energy Group AEGH - AEGR - Army Embedded GPS Receiver AEGS - Association of English Graduate Students AEGT - Amateur Engines Grand Test AEGY - AIDS Education Group for Youth AEHA - Association for Eradication of Heart Attack AEHC - Assembly of Episcopal Healthcare Chaplains AEHD - Albuquerque Environmental Health Department AEHE - Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education AEHF - American Education and Health Foundation AEHH - AEHP - Allen Ensminger Home Page AEHR - Australian Economic History Review AEHS - Aircraft Engine Historical Society AEHT - Association of European Hotel and Tourism AEHU - Ambiente e Higiene Urbana AEHV - AEHW - Aboriginal Environmental Health Workers AEIA - Australian Egg Industry Association AEIB - Arab Emirates Investment Bank AEIC - Arts and Education in Concert AEID - Applied Econometrics and International Development AEIF - Association Europeenne pour l'' Interoperabilite Ferroviare [ org]AEIG - American Equine Insurance Group AEII - Alternative Elementary IIAEIL - Atomic Energy Industrial Lab AEIM - Architectural and Engineering Instructions Manual AEIN - Africa Environment Information Network AEIO - AEKC - Alien Embryo Key Chains AEKE - Augmented Encrypted Key Exchange AEKF - approximate extended Kalman filter AEKI - Asosiasi Eksportir Kopi Indonesia AEKM - Aeronautical Enterprise Knowledge Management AEKN - AEKW - African Education Knowledge Warehouse AELA - Australia to Europe Liner Association AELB - Atomic Energy Licensing Board AELC - American Evangelical Lutheran Church AELE - Americans for Effective Law Enforcement AELF - AELG - Auckland Engineering Lifelines Group AELI - American English Language Institute AELJ - Arts and Entertainment Law Journal AELL - Adult Education and Lifelong Learning AELM - APEC Economic Leaders Meeting AELN - Alliance Environmental Law News AELP - American English Language Program AELR - Administrative Executive and Legislative Review AELS - Adult Education and Literacy System AELT - Academy of English Language Thames AELU - AELZ - Active England Learning Zone AEMA - Accessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association AEMB - Alliance for Engineering in Medicine and Biology AEMC - Atomic Energy Medical Centre AEMD - Alumni E Mail Directory AEME - Africa Europe Middle East AEMF - Australian Emergency Management Forum AEMG - Alliance Electronics Marketing Group AEMH - AMERICAN ENTERPRISE MUTUAL HOLDINGAEMI - Association of European Migration Institutions AEMJ - Arabic Electronic Mail Journal&#AEMK - AENA - All England Netball Association AENB - Aphid Eater Nesting Blocks AENC - American Education Network Corporation AEND - Automated Electrophysiologic Neurodiagnostic Device AENE - Arts Edge National Endowment AENF - Alliance of Eritrean National Forces AENG - Agricultural Engineering AENI - Access Excellence News Index AENJ - Art Educators of New Jersey AENL - Acclaim Exploration No Liability AENM - Associazione Emigranti Nel Mondo AENP - Advanced Education Nursing Program AENR - Agip Energy and Natural Resources AENS - African Eye News Service AENT - Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship AENU - AENV - Alberta Environmental AENW - An Enraged New World AENY - American Express New York AENZ - Alliant Energy New Zealand AEOA - Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency AEOB - Advanced Engine Overhaul Base AEOC - Advanced Epithelial Ovarian Cancer AEOD - Amazing Environmental Organization Directory AEOE - Association for Environmental Outdoor Education AEOF - AEOG - Alberta Energy Oil and Gas AEOH - All Eyez On Him AEOI - Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran AEOJ - Abend end of job.ronautique de Zeebrugge ACBA - Angewandte Chemie Berlin Adlershof ACBB - Angular Contact Ball Bearings ACBC - Australia China Business Council ACBD - Add Compare and Branch D_floating ACBE - Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment ACBF - Africa Capacity Building Foundation ACBG - Airframe Control Bearings Group ACBH - ALICO CEH Balkan Holdings ACBI - Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland ACBJ - American Cities Business Journal ACBK - Angel City Body Kinetics ACBL - Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League ACBM - Advanced Cement Based Materials ACBN - American Chiropractic Board of Nutrition ACBO - Australasian College of Behavioural Optometrists ACBP - Acyl Co A Binding Protein ACBR - American Chiropractic Board of Radiology ACBS - Antique & Classic Boat Society ACBT - Australian College of Business and Technology ACBU - Activities Council of Bradley University ACBV - Arts Council of Brazos Valley ACBW - Association of Chicago Bank Women ACBX - ACBZ - acetylbenzocaine ACCA - Associate Chartered Association of Certified Accountants ACCB - asos configuration control board ACCC - Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ACCD - Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry ACCE - Annual Call Center Exhibition ACCF - Arlington County Civic Federation ACCG - Ancient Coin Collectors Guild ACCH - Alberta Community Council on HIVACCI - Australian Centre for Construction Innovation ACCJ - American Chamber of Commerce Japan ACCK - Anti Capitalist Convergence of Kenya ACCL - Affordable City Centre Living ACCM - Ancient Cultural Contextand Meaning ACCN - Association of Critical Care Nurses ACCO - American Chiropractic ACCP - American College of Clinical Pharmacology ACCQ - Anti-Communist Correspondance Quarantine ACCR - Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform ACCS - Accord Customer Care Solutions ACCT - American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand ACCU - Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities ACCV - Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam ACCW - Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling ACCX - Anterior Cingulate Corte XACCY - Advocates for Connecticut Children and Youth ACCZ - Association des Conducteurs de Chariots du Zaïre ACDA - Arms Control And Disarmament Agency ACDB - Abbeville County Development Board ACDC - Alternating Current Direct Current ACDD - Alabama Central Disbursement Division ACDE - Asociación Cristiana De ACDF - American College Dance Festival ACDG - Association of Consumer Direct Grocers ACDH - American Cream Draft Horse ACDI - Agricultural Cooperative Development International ACDJ - Arbeitskreis Christlich Demokratischer Juristen ACDK - Acquired Cystic Disease of the Kidney ACDL - Arizona Center for Disability Law ACDM - Adaptive Computing in Design and Manufacture ACDN - Action de Citizens pour Disarmament Nucleaire ACDO - American Cellular Donation Organization ACDP - Athletic Club at Denver Place ACDQ - Accelerated Cooling Direct Quench ACDR - Air Commodore ACDS - Assistant Chief of Defence Staff ACDT - Australia Central Daylight Time ACDU - Automated Cell Deposition Unit ACDV - Adoption Center of Delaware Valley ACDW - Australian Cattle Dog Webring ACDX - ACDY - Academy ACDZ - Air Capital Drop Zone ACEA - Apostolic Council for Educational Accountability ACEB - Association of Consulting Engineers Botswana ACEC - Ateliers de Constructions Electriques de Charleroi ACED - Adams County Economic Development ACEE - Americorps for Community Engagement and Education ACEF - Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund ACEG - Association of Civil Engineers of Greece ACEH - Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness ACEI - angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors ACEJ - Australian Coalition for Economic Justice ACEK - Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya ACEL - Australian Council for Educational Leaders ACEM - Association of Clinical Electron Microscopists ACEN - Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses ACEO - Association of Chief Executive Officers ACEP - American Coaching Effectiveness Program ACEQ - Association of Consulting Engineers of Quebec ACER - Australian Council for Educational Research ACES - Aerolineas Centrales de Colombia ACET - AIDS Care Education and Training ACEU - Analogue Code Encryption Unit ACEV - Anomala Cuprea Entomopoxvirus ACEW - Advanced Clinical Engineering Workshops ACEX - ACEY - Atlantic Southeast Airlines [callsign]ACEZ - Aroostook County Empowerment Zone ACFA - Army Cadet Force Association ACFB - Atlanta Community Food Bank ACFC - Atlantic Central Football Conference ACFD - Arlington County Fire Department ACFE - Adult Community and Further Education ACFF - Athabasca Country Fringe Festival ACFG - Alt Comp Freeware Games ACFH - Alvernia College Field Hockey ACFI - AMRESCO Commercial Finance ACFJ - ACFK - Aquaculture Center of the Florida Keys ACFL - Atlantic Coast Football League ACFM - Alternating Current Field Measurement ACFN - American Consumer Financial Network ACFO - Association of Canadian Financial Officers ACFP - American College of Forensic Psychology ACFQ - absence compensation fair queuing ACFR - Airport Concession Fee Recovery ACFS - Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards ACFT - Access Control Facility ACFU - Australian Cranio Facial Unit ACFV - American Coalition of Filipino Veterans ACFW - Ayurvedic Cooking for Westerners ACFY - After the Current Fiscal Year ACFZ - Acrylic Case For Zune ACGA - A Charitable Gift Annuity ACGB - Arts Council of Great Britain ACGC - Atwater Cosmos Grove City ACGD - African Center for Gender and Development ACGE - Advisory Council on General Education ACGF - Aluminium Coated Glass Fibre ACGG - American Custom Gunmakers Guild ACGH - Australian Coal and Gold Holdings ACGI - Aboriginal Contract Guarantee Instrument ACGJ - Advent Christmas Guided Journal ACGK - Always Keep Guessin Kid ACGL - Arch Capital Group Limited ACGM - Academic Course Guide Manual ACGN - ACGO - Aleutian Canada Goose ACGP - Alberta Cancer Genetics Program ACGQ - Arms Collectors Guild of Queensland ACGR - Australian Centre for Gambling Research ACGS - Assistant Chief of the General Staff ACGT - African Centre for Gene Technologies ACGU - ACHA - American College Hockey Association ACHB - Alberta Child Health Benefit ACHC - American Canine Hybrid Club ACHD - Ada County Highway District ACHE - American Council of Hypnotist Examiners ACHF - Athens Clarke Heritage Foundation ACHG - Aged Cottage Homes Group ACHH - Addison County Home Health ACHI - Air Center Helicopters Inc ACHK - Alpha Command Hong Kong ACHL - Atlantic Coast Hockey League ACHM - Asphalt Concrete Hot Mix ACHN - Australian College of Holistic Nurses ACHO - Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations ACHP - Advisory Council for Historic Preservation ACHQ - Alternative Championship Headquarters ACHR - Asian Coalition for Housing Rights ACHS - Antioch Community High School ACHT - Air Conditioning Heating ACHU - Antillean Crested Hummingbird ACHV - Association of Clubs of Historic Vehicles ACHW - America Christian Heritage Week ACHX - ACIA - Argus Center for Information Architecture ACIB - Australian Centre for International Business ACIC - Assessment of Chronic Illness Care ACID - Access to Comp Institutional Data ACIE - American Councils for International Education ACIF - ADDISON & CUSHING INTERNATIONAL FEDERATIONACIG - Air Combat Information Group ACIH - Australian Centre for Indigenous History ACII - Associate of the Chartered Institute ACIJ - African Caribbean Institute of Jamaica ACIL - Access Center for Independent Living ACIM - Advisory Committee on Information Management ACIN - All County Information Notices ACIO - Army Careers Information Office ACIP - Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIQ - Address Check Instruction Queue ACIR - Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations ACIS - Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries ACIT - Association of Chemical Industry of Texas ACIU - Allied Central Interpretation Unit ACIV - Arkansas Council for International Visitors ACIW - audit commission in wales ACIX - Additional Cycle Index ACJA - Arizona Code of Judicial Administration ACJB - Australian Computer Journal Book ACJC - Arizona Criminal Justice Commission ACJD - ASOCIACI? TICAACJE - Australian College of Judicial Education ACJF - Alabama Civil Justice Foundation ACJG - Agriculture Commissioner Jim Graham ACJH - Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower ACJI - AGENCE C. lectronique ADAF - Advection Dominated Accretion Flows ADAG - Association of Disabled American Golfers ADAH - Alabama Department of Archives and History ADAI - And Drug Abuse Institute ADAJ - Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan ADAK - place in Alaska ADAL - Authorized Dental Allowance Lists ADAM - Art Design Architecture and Media ADAN - Association pour le D? rique ADAO - Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario ADAP - AIDS Drug Assistance Programs ADAQ - Association des d? bec ADAR - Air Defense Artillery ADAS - Aberdeen and District Astronomical Society ADAT - Alesis Digital Audio Tape ADAU - Automotive Design Advisory Unit ADAV - Ateliers Diffusion Audiovisuelle ADAW - Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing ADAX - micro precision shafts & rollers-producing company- name origin unknown ADBA - American Drag Boat Assoc ADBB - All Done Bye Bye ADBC - Alice Drive Baptist Church ADBD - Annuaire des Bandes Dessin? gics ADCH - Art Directors Club of Houston ADCI - Amateur Drama Council of Ireland ADCJ - Associate Degree in Criminal Justice ADCK - Agence de d? a Terrestre AEEU - Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union AEEV - Asociaci? AEOL - Arts Education Online AEOM - Apple Event Object Model AEON - Australian Earth and Ocean Network AEOO - AEOZ - Airport Environs Overlay Zone AEPA - Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessment AEPB - American Elk Products Board AEPC - Association for European Paediatric Cardiology AEPD - Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design AEPE - Advanced Encryption Package AEPF - Asia Europe People Forum AEPG - Avalon East Pagan Gathering AEPH - AEPO - Association of European Performers Organisations AEPP - Agricultural Easement Purchase Program AEPQ - Antologji e Poezise Qiprioite AEPR - Arts Education Policy Review AEPS - Assessment Evaluation and Programming System AEPT - Advanced Embedded Passive Technology AEPU - Are Equally Proportionately Unperformed AEPW - Annual Earnings Per Worker AEPX - AEQW - abrupt equivalent quantum well AERA - American Education Research Association AERB - Architects Education and Registration Board AERC - African Economic Research Consortium AERD - Alcohol Education Resource Directory AERE - Aerospace Engineering AERF - Actuarial Education Research Fund AERG - Alternative Education Resource Group AERH - AERI - Alberta Energy Research Institute AERJ - American Educational Research Journal AERL - Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory AERM - American Ethnic Racial Minorities AERN - African Educational Research Network AERO - Alternative Energy Resources Organization AERP - Amboseli Elephant Research Project AERQ - Additional Economic Retention Quantity AERR - Annual Education Results Report AERS - Adverse Event Reporting System AERT - Accessibility and Evaluation and Repair Tools AERU - Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit AERV - AERW - Aunt Emma Recipe World AESA - Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture AESB - Avalon East School Board AESC - Association of Energy Service Companies AESD - Avalon East School District AESE - Advances in Experimental Structural Engineering AESF - American Electroplating and Surface Finishing AESG - Asian Elephant Specialist Group AESH - Agriculture Engineering SHOPSAESI - Advanced Engineering Solutions AESJ - Association of Electronic Scholarly Journals AESK - Ady Endre Sajt Koll AESL - American English As a Second Language AESM - Anglo Eastern Ship Management AESN - Atlantic Environmental Sciences Network AESO - Aircraft Environmental Support Office AESP - Advanced Electronic Support Products AESQ - AESR - Architects Engineers for Social Responsibility AESS - Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society AEST - Australia Eastern Standard Time AESU - American European Services Unlimited AESV - Amereco Environmental Services AESW - AUSTRALIAN EMERGENCY SERVICE WORKERSAESX - AETA - Australia East Timor Association AETB - Advanced Expander Test Bed AETC - Air Education And Training Command AETD - Asian Earthquake Tsunami Disaster AETE - Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment AETF - Australasian Emissions Trading Forum AETG - Acidifying Emissions Task Group AETH - Applied Extrusion Technologies AETI - An End to Intolerance AETJ - AETK - Association of English Teachers in Korea AETL - Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy AETM - Atlantic Explorer Travel Magazine AETN - Arkansas Educational Telecommunications Network AETO - Acquisition Education and Training Office AETP - Animals for the Ethical Treatment of People AETR - Average Effective Tax Rates AETS - Association for the Education of Teachers of Science AETT - Advanced Education Training and Technology AETU - All Ethiopia Trade Union AETV - Absorber Element Test Vessel AETW - Advanced Estimation Tools for Windows AETY - Anshe Emeth Temple Youth AETZ - Africa Enterprise Trust Zambia AEUA - Arab Economic Unity Agreement AEUB - Alberta Energy Utilities Board AEUD - AEUP - All Ethiopian Unity Party AEUR - Amphipods and Eurydice AEUS - American Emergency Ultrasonographic Society AEUT - Applied Electric Utility Technology AEVA - Allianz Elementar Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft AEVC - Associate Executive Vice Chancellor AEVE - Asia Europe Volunteer Exchange AEVF - AEVG - Asia Europe Vision Group AEVH - Alameda East Veterinary Hospital AEVL - Agricultural Economics Virtual Library AEVM - Arclar Eagle Valley Mine AEVO - ASCOLTA E VIVI ONLUSAEVP - Associate Executive Vice President AEVR - Alliance for Eye and Vision Research AEVS - Automated Eligibility Verification System AEVT - Amerigon Electric Vehicle Technology AEVV - AEWL - Association of Employers of Waterside Labour AEWM - Association for Education Welfare Management AEWO - Abroo Educational Welfare Organization AEWP - Agricultural Economics Working Paper AEWR - Adverse Effect Wage Rates AEWS - Accident Emergency Warning System AEWT - Advanced Environmental Water Technologies AEWW - Airborne Early Warning Wing AEXP - Applications Experience AEXS - ATMOSPHERIC ELECTRON-INDUCED X-RAY SPECTROMETERAEXT - Agricultural Extension AEYA - AF Number of AFs found: 530 (78%) AFAA - Aerobics and Fitness Association of America [com]AFAB - Aberdeen Fabrication Ltd []AFAC - Australasian Fire Authorities Council []AFAD - Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances [ - Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology []AFAF - Air Force Assistance Fund AFAG - Allgemeine Flensburger Autobusgesellschaft [ - ASSOCIATION POUR LES FOYERS ET ATELIERS DES PERSONNES HANDICAP?n de Argentina por los Naciones Unidas AANV - Astrological Association of Northern Virginia AANW - Apartment Association of Northeastern Wisconsin AANY - Auto Analyst of New York AANZ - Alpaca Association New Zealand AAOA - Area Agencies on Aging AAOB - American Association of Oral Biologists AAOC - Authorized Acquisition Objective AAOD - Advanced Answers on Demand AAOE - Adventist Association for Online Evangelism AAOF - airboat association of florida AAOG - Arts Alliance of Georgia AAOH - Afghan Academy of Hope AAOI - Alpha and Omega Industries AAOJ - American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal AAOK - And Archaeology On Kauai AAOL - Automotive Aftermarket Online AAOM - American Academy of Oral Medicine AAON - Ahwaz Arabistan Online Network AAOO - American Academy of Ophthalmology AAOP - American Academy of Pediatrics AAOQ - geocode for Oceania User: Tobias_Conradi Free_geocodes AAOR - Anti Aircraft Operations Room AAOS - AAOT - Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer AAOU - Association of Asian Open Universities AAOV - Average Annual Output Value AAOW - African Americans On Wheels AAOX - amino acid oxidase AAOZ - Airport Approach Overlay Zone AAPA - As A Physician Assistant AAPB - Association for Applied Psychophysiology Biofeedback AAPC - Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church AAPD - American Academy of Pediatic Dentistry AAPE - American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors AAPF - Asheville Area Piano Forum AAPG - American Association of Petroleum Geologists AAPH - AFIAP Art Photographer AAPI - Americans and Pacific Islanders AAPJ - Arizona Alliance for Peaceful Justice AAPK - All About Pocket Knives AAPL - Australian Arrow Pty.Ltd AAPM - American Association of Pain Management AAPN - Asian Animal Protection Network AAPO - Australasian Association of Professional Organisers AAPP - and all political prisoners AAPQ - Association des Agences de Publicit? bec AAPR - Advanced Archive Password Recovery AAPS - Australian Animal Protection Society AAPT - American Association of Physics Teachers AAPU - Attleboro Auxiliary Police Unit AAPV - Associaci?

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Of Wildlife Veterinarians AAWW - Asian American Writers'' Workshop AAWX - Concentric Hole Depth AAWY - And Also with You AAWZ - Ausbau- und Aufbaugesellschaft Wissenschaftszentrum AAXA - discount mortgage company - name origin unknown AAXB - G-AAXB Aircraft model - AAXE - Automation and Extraction Agent AAXL - Aqua Aura e Xtra Large gemstone AAXS - Alumni Association of Xavier School AAYA - Asian American Youth Alliance AAYB - All About You Books AAYC - Ann Arbor Youth Chorale AAYD - Anne Arundel Young Democrats AAYE - AAYF - As Always Your Friend AAYH - American Association of Young Hungarians AAYM - Action Alpha Youth Ministry AAYN - Advocates for Alaska''s Youth Network AAYO - All American Youth Orchestra AAYP - Arab American Young Professionals AAYS - Arizona At Your Service - us AAYSAAYT - Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis AAYV - Allied Arts of Yakima Valley AAYW - All Around Your World AAYY - unknown - AAZA - org - meaning unknown AAZB - Amino AZo Benzene AAZC - Les actions a? ABAP - A Breed Apart ABAQ - Albuquerque Bernalillo County Air Quality ABAR - Alternate Battery Acquisition Radar ABAS - Adaptive Behavior Assessment System ABAT - Agent Based Analytical Tool ABAU - Archbishops Appeal Unit ABAV - Associa??

klaus production ABKS - Architecture By Ken Small ABKU - Amanat Bintang Keadilan Umat ABKY - Atkinson Banker Kaplan and Young ABLA - Assessment Based Learning Activities ABLB - Alternate Binaural Loudness Balance ABLC - Affect Based Language Curriculum ABLD - Asian Business Law and Diplomacy ABLE - Abu-Ghazaleh Legal ABLF - Adhesive Backed Laser Film ABLG - Association Belgo Luxembourgeoise ABLH - Association for Better Land Husbandry ABLI - American Business for Legal Immigration ABLJ - American Business Law Journal ABLL - Association of Boston Law Librarians ABLM - Angelic Bureau of Land Management ABLN - ABLO - Australian Botanical Liaison Officer ABLP - Aboriginal Business Link Program ABLR - Australian Business Law Review ABLS - Active Brake Limited Slip ABLT - Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies ABLU - Annual Business Law Update ABLV - Australian bat lyssavirus ABMA - Animal Behavior Management Alliance ABMB - Art Basel Miami Beach ABMC - American Bio Medica Corp ABMD - Automatically Backup My Documents ABME - alt binaries multimedia erotica ABMF - alt binaries movies french ABMG - Alta Bates Medical Group ABMH - American Board of Medical Hypnosis ABMI - Asian Bond Market Initiative ABMJ - American Board of Missions to the Jews ABMK - Agaricus Blazei Murill Kyowa ABML - Aircraft Builders Mailing List ABMM - Amateur Bino Mount Making ABMN - Australian Business Migration Network ABMO - Anti Bonding Molecular Orbital ABMP - Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals ABMQ - ABMW - Association of Black Media Workers ABNA - American Bulldog National Alliance ABNB - Andy Burnett Narrowboat Brokerage ABNC - Armand Bayou Nature Center ABND - Amplitude Borehole Near Detector ABNE - Acta Bibliothecae Nationalis Estoniae ABNF - Augmented Backus Naur Form ABNG - Alan Braverman Net Guy ABNI - Associazione Biologi Nutrizionisti Italiani ABNJ - Antiquarian Booksellers of New Jersey ABNK - ABNL - Alien Bureau of Naturalization and Legalization ABNM - American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring ABNN - American Board of Neuroscience Nursing ABNO - American Board of Naturopathic Oncology ABNP - Associa??

o Brasileira do Novilho Precoce ABNQ - Almost but Not Quite ABNR - Adopted Basis Newton Raphson ABNS - Application Based Network Services ABNT - Alt Binaries Nospam Teenfem ABNU - ABOK - Analysis Body of Knowledge ABOL - American Buddha Online Library ABOM - Automated Bill of Material ABON - Assistance Based on Need ABOP - Antifreeze Batteries Oil and Paint ABOR - Austin Board of Realtors ABOS - Associazione Bambini Ospedalizzati Sardegna ABOT - Al Basra Oil Terminal ABOU - Algemeen Bewoners Overleg Utrecht ABOV - ABOY - American Black Oystercatcher ABOZ - American Bonanza resources corp. ria do Brasil ABUC - Acuerdo de Bibliotecas Universitarias de C?

AAVR - Automated Annual Verification of Member Renewal AAVS - American Anti-Vivisection Society AAVT - Association des Artistes Vietnamiens ?

Toulouse AAVU - Alpilles Amenagements Vehicules Utilitaires AAVV - Associazione Astrofili Vittorio Veneto AAVW - African-American Involvement in the Vietnam War AAVY - ABN AMRO Vastgoed Index - unsure of this one AAVZ - AAVZ Beheer B. - meaning unknown AAWA - AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN'' S AGENDAAAWB - American Association of Workers for the Blind AAWC - Association for Advancement of Wound Care AAWD - American Association of Women Dentists AAWE - American Association for Wind Engineering AAWF - Agency for the American Working Family AAWG - Access and Affordability Working Group AAWH - American Association for World Health AAWI - African American Women?o Brasileira de Treinadores de Futebol ABTG - Associa?? bestrijdingsdienst Zuid Nederland ABZS - Abzymes ABZU - fresh water from underground aquifers that was given a religious quality in Sumerian and Akkadian mythology - Abzu ABZV - Adviesbureau Zorg Vastgoed - nl ABZW - Abzweigstelle ABZY - Music artist name - abzy-sending-you-my-love-final-mix AC Number of ACs found: 571 (84%) ACAA - Atlantic Colleges Athletic Association ACAB - Association of Community Access Broadcasters ACAC - Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference ACAD - Alberta College of Art and Design ACAE - Accreditation Commission for Audiology Education ACAF - Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida ACAG - Anglian Coastal Authorities Group ACAH - American Consumers for Affordable Housing ACAI - Associazione Cristiana Artigiani Italiani ACAJ - ACAK - Associa??rgerliches Gesetzbuch ABGC - American Board of Genetic Counseling ABGD - American Board of General Dentistry ABGE - Associa??

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