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03-Mar-2017 20:02

The film starts out light, with a few playful jump scares thrown in here and there, and all the while, what Elizabeth experiences, the viewer experiences.

It sure helps matters that Papalia (who starred in last year's amateurish cyber-horror slasher "Smiley") is so photogenic and instantly appealing, an ingenue but a strong-enough presence to carry the proceedings.

If we couldn't already tell, the Internet is a terrifying window into the world.

Chatrooms may be less pervasive than they once were, but social media is the replacement.

Tech fads aside, the web is here to stay and it doesn't feel any more private or any less fearsome.

When we are young, we look at our parents and teachers and think that they have figured it all out.In playing Elizabeth, she only gets a little dramatic meat, but a little of something is better than forcing her into being just a pretty face who's asking for it.Before it falls into a more standard slasher pattern with a ton of camera-shaking and a scintilla of torturous bloodletting akin to a "Saw" movie, "The Den" is a pretty effective cautionary tale.The next day, she accepts a video chat from that girl in the photo, but her mouth is taped shut, and she's roughed up and then brutally murdered by a masked figure.