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03-Jul-2017 10:10

Hope this helps someone avoid grays in the hair :-) Try this: In the Restore DB wizard window, go to Files tab, Uncheck "Relocate All files to folder" check box then change the restore destination from C: to some other drive. I solved my problem with this, I hope it helps you.Vectoroids is a simplistic recreation of the classic vector-based Asteroids arcade game. Last month was the end of yet another financial year, and all of us were very busy with the processes involved with each year-end.Now that all those are completed, I could find some time for my next blog post on database corruption.All information, and code samples, if any, is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights. My hunch is: you've already restored that database previously, and now, upon a second restore, you didn't check the checkbox "Overwrite existing database" in your restore wizard - thus the existing file cannot be overwritten and the restore fails.Very easy to spot when the path is not legal, much harder to spot when the path is legal, but not the current path. The real issue is not too different from @marc_s answer.

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Again, when a database During the analysis phase, a background thread reads the Transaction Log File(s) of the database, from the last marked Check Point till the end of the file, and analyzes the records in the Transaction Log File(s).

The first step that you should consider when you find the Log File to be corrupt, is to analyze the Windows Application and System Event Logs for any hardware issues.

Database Corruption Part 5 Dealing with Log File Corruption. Here, I will be targeting issues related to corruption in the database log files. As we all know, the Transaction Log Files of a database *files are essential for maintaining transactional consistency in the databases. In my earlier blog post on Shrinking the Transaction Log files… continue reading »

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MDF4 Lib is a powerful function library; in its base variant you can use it to validate and sort MDF files as well as read them into your own applications.… continue reading »

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I had to manually rename the existing MDF/LDF files before I could restore via a backup - checking 'Overwrite' wasn't sufficient. – Jamie Keeling Feb 17 '14 at… continue reading »

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Overview of Advantages. Easy to use function library for generating*, validating**, sorting** and reading MDF files; Version-independent access to MDF3 and MDF4 formats… continue reading »

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