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23-Feb-2017 13:55

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I'm very hesitant to communicate with anyone on the site after reading about some of the scams and fake profiles others have experienced.I guess best advice to other women joining the site is "beware and be safe".The website advertises that you can cancel at any time and your information will be deleted.Upon checking my "account status" I receive the message that account information is unavailable.Luckily I didn't sign up or provide and personal information. This online dating site automatically debit my checking for 7 months at 30 bucks a pop. It's a very spammy site with many phony profiles whose sole interest is to secure personal information. Ask questions and if they don't get you answers that satisfy you break off contact/block the person from contacting you again. In the text of profile look for inconsistencies and evidence of broken English. Prefer to be lonely/disappointed rather than to be lonely/disappointed/broke/identity compromised. Use this site as ONLY one part of your social program and include meetup groups, volunteer work, time with family friends.They do this probably to artificially inflate their "membership" numbers. I've been on other dating sites and like this site is VERY SPAMMY and many people aren't who they see. Don't give out your email/phone etc unless you've had a few exchanges with the person. Unless you're considering a long distance relationship, block or ignore those who contact you beyond your city/state. I've read many of the reviews, and from my own experience, I think this site engages in some questionable/unethical practices.After reading some of the reviews here, I am considering just deleting my profile. I was only on that site for about a week before beginning a long term relationship with someone I met on the site.

I immediately was bombarded with "Likes", "Somebody favorite you" and "Messages". This morning I logged back in and discovered in the "Notification" field (on the bottom of the main site) that somebody had sent a answer to my message.

Just signed up for Our Time after having a free account for a couple of months that I did not use.