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i am working on them for Bella’s class again this year, and thought i’d give you the details.

the idea is to have each child complete a fill in the blank worksheet, attach a picture of themselves, and draw a portrait of their teacher, and then compile them all into a book as a way for the teacher to remember each individual personality.

Those catalogues, collectively known as "Rosetta", were acquired by BMG Rights Management in December 2012; the deal was finalized in May 2013.

Sony, through its Sony/ATV Music Publishing unit, acquired about 30% of EMI Publishing.

EMI Music Publishing controls over 2 million songs; includes classic songs by Queen, Carole King and the Motown catalog, along with contemporary releases by Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Drake, Sia, P! In 2007, EMI agreed to be purchased by Terra Firma, a UK-based private equity, beating out Warner and others.

The deal value was about .5 billion, including .7 billion for the shares listed in the London stock exchange, and about billion of debt.

i send an email to all of the parents with the specifics on the project, asking them to help their child complete the worksheet: attach a picture of their child in the space provided on the worksheet (the dotted square), and then to have their child draw a portrait of their teacher on the card stock.

After defaulting on its debt, Citigroup took over in early 2011 and weeks later announced that EMI would be split and sold off separately (music recording from the one hand, publishing on the other).

i’ve loved my time as room mom, but it really is work, and i just don’t think i can handle it while adjusting to life with a newborn again.