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It is an allegedly democratizing feature of CMC that anyone can gain the floor in a discussion simply by posting their contribution to the forum in which the discussion is taking place; the message is then distributed by the network software in the order in which it was received, and the person who posted it holds the floor, presumably, for the duration of the time it takes other participants to read the message.

As Flores (192) puts it, “[t]he computer conference (...) model[s] a more egalitarian mode of dialogue.

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The results partially support the existence of distinct floor types in the academic discussion lists that resemble the two types identified by Edelsky and that are associated with the gender composition of a discussion.The 1990s, in particular, saw a dramatic increase in multiparticipant textual interactions on electronic mailing lists, Usenet newsgroups, and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS), giving rise to what Sack (2000) dubbed “very large-scale conversations.” Today, mailing lists are still popular, especially in academic contexts, and large-scale public discussions on all topics take place in web forums, weblogs, and news sites.To have the ‘floor’ in a public online forum is potentially to have the attention of an audience much larger than any that is possible in face-to-face (F2F) interaction.In contrast, some messages receive no response at all.