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03-Apr-2017 08:28

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I hope everyone remembers the now in-famous story about Peaches Geldof, a dude named Ben, heroin, vomit, Scientology, lemons, sex, photos and erection pills.A few weeks ago a dude named Ben wrote – on the site Reddit – about his craziest one night stand with one Peaches Geldof.Whether you choose to believe it or not, your son Ben is a liar.

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Your son did not just post a false drug story on a message board.Eli wrote an “open letter” on My Space to Ben’s mother, a woman named Meredith Bluett-Mills. Here’s the epic letter, in all of its glory: A letter to Meredith Bluett-Mills, mother of “thatcoolguyben.” April 2nd, 2010 To: Meredith Bluett-Mills From: Eli Roth Re: Your son Ben Dear Meredith, You don’t know me, but my name is Eli Roth, and I am the boyfriend of a young woman named Peaches Geldof.Eli is basically calling out Ben’s mom for raising such an a-hole. Her name might ring a bell, as your son Ben recently wrote a sick, hurtful story about her that is now causing tremendous damage.I know you are quite familiar with how young adults can be irresponsible when alcohol is involved, as your son Jacob, who is the same age as Peaches, was once arrested for public drunkenness (see #3148).