Easter dating in europe

10-Apr-2017 17:51

The holiday, which commemorates the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, falls on 1 April this year, coinciding with April Fool’s Day.

To anyone unfamiliar with the movement of the moon, the vagaries of the Julian and the Gregorian calendars and the March equinox, the date can seem somewhat random.

On the eve of the holiday, worshippers attend an hours-long church service that ends at 3am, after which they break their fast and celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

But nowhere is Easter celebrated quite as fervently as in the Philippines, one of only two predominantly Christian countries in Asia, says the South China Morning Post magazine.

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As the Hebrew calendar is based on both solar and lunar cycles, Passover changes each year and that, in turn, makes Easter change, too.

The tradition of the Easter egg hunt developed in the 19th developed as children believed the Easter Bunny laid and hid eggs around the house the night before Easter Sunday, similar to Father Christmas delivering gifts on Christmas Eve.

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