Dylan and cole sprouse dating

25-May-2017 21:35

Not exactly ideal, but I'm to blame and I'll look this incident in the eye like a man.I did it, but I'd be damned if I didn't own that shit like Beyonce would want me to.When will men - and all men like to look at dick photos, regardless of orientation, while females remain meh-ish at best in response (when not horrified) - GET this??? Speaking of which, isn't Cole mad that this happened since his brother is basically exposing Cole too.Well, Dylan Sprouse has made that mistake and we are discussing him here. And Luke Janklo-whatever-his-agenty-publishing-empire-surname-is. Cheyenne was at least sending dick info to a properly appreciative male audience.[quote]Much happier if it had been Cole. Maybe Cole is shy and doesn't want his cock out there for the world to see.[quote] The fact that he tweeted this leads me to believe he was the one who leaked it. What is it about these former Disney child stars like Dylan, Miley Cyrus, et al, that makes them so desperate when they hit their early 20's?

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I second the David Henrie request he is well in his 20s and that is some man meat worth seeing You don't have proof that these are fake. Dylan was asked about the lastest pics but he has yet to respond. All he as to say is that the only real pics are the first ones and that any others you see are fake and this all goes away.

He reminds of a younger Rider Strong (the actor who played as Shawn Hunter in the sitcom 'Boy Meets World').

From the soft throaty voice, to the twinky looks, the shifty demeanour and love of D&D/tabletop games. Rider is about 15-18 years older than Dylan and went to Columbia, though.

Has taken it in stride on twitter: “I messed up…but I’d be a fool not to own up to it. [...] whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore.”Why do all these kids shave their pubes? We only like them erect and when fucking, when it comes to close ups. Males like to look at dicks, or pussy, and they presumptuously assume females work the same way.

It would be like a female aggressively emailing photos of her shoe collection or her car to her lover.

Perez seems to think that they are real for what it's worth.r144, link, cause they're not. He looks like a pre-pubescent in those photos so I don't know why he bothered to let the world see.

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