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And most importantly up to that time no one had produced a pipe that looked and smelled like a Dunhill, other than of course Dunhill itself.And so in 1984 after a successful private showing it was indeed a grand debut by one of the leading collectors of the day at the premier show of the year.Amongst the first tell tail signs in 1983 may have been a quite real Dunhill LC from the early 1920s with a worn blast, a damaged shank and barely readable nomenclature.A quarter inch snip of the shank, a rebuilt mortise and matching extended replacement bit, restained and restamped with a borrowed stamping tool from World War II that no one would miss, and for the money touch, restamped with the very rare shape letters LLC.Thirty pipes in all including: four near magnum sized Shells bearing extremely rare or previously unknown shape numbers; three smooth finished LC shapes , two Roots and a Bruyere, one bearing a previously unknown shape number; three extremely rare usmoked ODAs , a Bruyere and a Shell 844 and an 824 Shell; a number of sought after ODA shapes in a variety of finishes, many unsmoked; and two awesome supposedly pre WWII Canandians both upwards of 9 inches long with 5 inch shanks, a Bruyere with a small, 1 inch tall, bowl and a Shell with a magnum sized, 2 inch tall bowl.Nothing like it had ever been seen, indeed even imagined before.Dating patent number Dunhills took on the aura of divination.Early Dunhill catalogs were largely unavailable and certainly unstudied as a whole.

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Many thanks to Eric for the information he has collected for us.Soon there were pipe shows, mail order lists, evenings on the telephone in hot pursuit and even excursions to England to salvage previously smoked pipes from the dustbins.Hundreds, even thousands of dollars were paid for used, quickly renamed Estate Dunhills with premium prices being paid for the largest and oldest.And at works-end employed and unemployed still met at the pub to dwell on the injustice of it all.