Duggars on dating

26-Apr-2017 00:36

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Jim Bob and Michelle sit at the top of the contemporary family tree, having parented a whopping 19 children – and counting.

But despite the successful run on their very own show on TLC, the Duggars have been met with criticism.

"Saying there's too many children would be like saying there's too many flowers," said the Duggar matriarch.

"You just can't have too many." Between new Duggar babies, newly-wed Duggar couples, and those swirling pregnancy rumors, it's safe to say that the world will be seeing many more Duggars in the years to come.

For the most part, the fam seem to be modest and kind people with traditional values and strong familial roots.

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These people include the Kardashians, the Teen Moms, and families that are bigger than NBA teams — or, as America knows them, the Duggar family.

And it seems the harsh lessons he learned from his overbearing father may have irreparably damaged the young man's views on relationships: "His father governs everything that he does, from cutting cows to doing whatever," the source told THG earlier this week.