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09-Mar-2017 18:06

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For seven years my husband and I danced back-and-forth around having a child. Claire was born when I was 36 and her father was 40.I recently posted this in Facebook;"I was dozing off to sleep tonight, when I was awoken by the sound outside of a cat being attacked by some wild animal.Well, even if this site listed their favorite colognes, brand of dildos or their bra size, it still doesn't tell you WHO they really ARE.You're still going to have to deal with real humans eventually if you really want to date them. None of my co-workers or friends ( 50), wish to have children.You can gain lots more basic knowledge from this website about an individual in a fraction of the time it takes to talk to a female in public.(hobbies, kids/no kids, drinking habits if any, smoker/non-smoker, etc.) I'm terrible with women, lol. I am always friendly in their presence, but I couldn't handle them 24/7True, it is better to know up front so one doesn't waste their time. I was adamant that I did NOT want kids until my biological clock began ticking at age 30. My joke is during the 10 minutes we agreed, we conceived.My only gripe is that if I become pregnant (I'm 28), I wouldn't risk my life or health by having an abortion, I'd have it. Then I think "never, not ever, lol."Not having kids is NOT selfish. My son says the same., his feelings will never change.

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Knowing 'up front' seems like a good idea to 'weed' out 'with kid' candidates, but what happens if you decide to have sex and accidentally get her knocked up?I can get more information in an hour of friendly chat over a cup of coffee than I could in six weeks of texting and emails. Focus on young professionals who don't already have children.People can lie their brains out online if they want - but it's a lot harder to B. I've never seen a need for me to have a child, I enjoyed my nieces and nephew's arrival to the world, but I don't want my own.You or I won't know that kind of stuff unless we ASK them.

(hobbies, kids/no kids, drinking habits if any, smoker/non-smoker, etc.) I'm terrible with women, lol.

Women don't have the option for sterilization unless they've already had children. I think children are not as for front as they once were..look how families once had 16/18, 3/4 to 1/none kids. Sleepless nights, more money, and just the whole process along with problems that arise of the "growing up phase." I couldn't wait to be an adult, out of my mom's house, finish the "growing up phase" of life with siblings. Ever wonder what great, fun things a person could do that doesn't have kids? Don't let anyone say you are selfish for I feel if you don't want kids and are safe better that, than having them and bailing.

The people who don't want kids in or around my area and surrounding cities, even as far as LA are very small compared to the girls who want.… continue reading »

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