Does the bible say anything about interracial dating

11-Jun-2017 04:00

When they point out exceptions, Ross redefines terms so that Day 6 doesn’t really refer to any creature that appeared before whales.

And when all else fails, he claims that the ‘days’ overlapped.

Amazingly, Ross claims that his approach is ‘a literal reading of the Genesis creation chapters’ (p. This is surely a very non-literal usage of the word ‘literal’!

Ross’s popularity in evangelical Christendom is based on several factors: Formatted as above (starting a new line and changing the font style from small capitals to italics after ‘Ph.

And the combination of evening and the next morning are another way of showing that his bedtime was contained in one ordinary day, not an indefinite time period.

This claim by Ross, like so many others, is a denial of the . God’s people were left entirely in the dark about Genesis until modern uniformitarian theories were invented—mainly by bibliosceptics.(See also How could the days of Genesis 1 be literal if the Sun wasn’t created until the fourth day?) To justify his interpretation of the six creation days of Genesis 1 as millions of years long, Ross writes (p.Such creatures are alleged to have appeared millions of years before whales, which Ross identifies as created on the millions-of-years-long ‘Day 5’.

And mesonychids, the alleged predecessors of whales, were certainly ‘long-legged mammalian quadrupeds’, so would fit even Ross’s descriptions of Day 6 creatures.

65): ‘In English, the word day enjoys flexible usage.