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Sometimes movie theaters do special offers, such as buy one get one free on tickets.Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (a theater chain that has locations across the country) offers their free Alamo Victory Program that offers members a ton of deals including, "...discounted tickets and food & beverage offers, as well as invitations to sneak previews of new releases, exclusive screenings, T-shirts, DVDs and more!

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Check out your local movie theater and ask when they have deals going on.Set up a night of whichever games float your boat and then let the dice and the good times roll!When you feel like having a cozy night in, invite your date round for a marathon session of your favorite show.You can choose to make a cheap dinner from scratch or pick something pre-prepared from the supermarket.

Whichever you choose I'd estimate you'll spend approximately each, depending on if you're drinking alcohol and how much alcohol you're wanting to purchase – alcohol is expensive y'all!You could learn to make perfect scrambled eggs and then take them to bed and pop on a lighthearted movie, or do whatever tickles your fancy.You and your date may be mega video game nerds, word puzzle whizzes, drinking game fans, or board game lovers.So if you save up your rewards points for a rainy day, or rather when you're broke, you could end up with a free movie ticket and a free upgrade on your popcorn!