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It doesn't hurt that other "aluminum Christmas trees" are, like the original, well outside the pale of usual experience and improbable by definition; even so, it's immensely funny (to people in the know) when an audience dismisses a Real Life element as patently absurd and "unrealistic".

This can also occur in a period work when the writers have just made it up.

Even if you're aware that the world's biggest ball of twine is indeed a roadside attraction — if only from the number of other times it's been mentioned or parodied in popular media — and correctly assumed that it is indeed located in Minnesota (its creator's hometown of Darwin, to be exact), you'd probably think that list was made up like the rest of the song's details.

Nope, they're literally all real places, even the last one, which could actually be referring to a number of different towns vying for recognition of their albino squirrel populations.

In other words, this trope is in play when a quaint element of Real Life appears in a work of fiction and is mistaken for part of the fiction.

A subtrope of Reality Is Unrealistic, Values Dissonance, and Truth in Television. When this occurs in-universe, it's either Eskimos Aren't Real, or the work will give a "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer.

She started with one shaved side and then came out of the house with both sides hairless. She’s a stunning chick, so lucky for her, this look doesn’t come off as a fail, but more of a fashion statement.