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Dexter concludes that Travis has a dissociated identity in Gellar.

I wish youd made me a slightly less miserable blighter and slightly more generous, and you could have painted me in a little bit of a better light.

If you're Deb, you latch onto the next ill-advised romantic partner.

In this case, it was Anton Briggs, who should've been keeping a low profile as Quinn's CI, but of course, he found himself drawn to the complicated Debra Morgan.

"It was always what we needed or wanted to do." PHOTOS: Costar couples That said, the potential for awkward situations is high.

The actress, 33, teared up onstage when asked about what it was like to work with ex-husband and series star Michael C. PHOTOS: Hollywood's friendliest exes "Our marriage didn't look like anyone else's, and our divorce didn't either, so…I said it before, just because the marriage ended doesn't mean the love did," Carpenter replied, her voice breaking. It's an awkward thing to talk about your personal life in front of a bunch of strangers, but there's nothing but love and respect [between us].

Nothing." Hall, for his part, said it was "gratifying" to be able to continue his professional relationship with his ex.

Their relationship was fine — arguably the healthiest Deb has had — but it was another repetition of the trope that has dogged Deb from the get-go. There was no chemistry between them, and their relationship — which eventually faltered — was a clear attempt at giving two frequently underused characters something new to do. By Season 4, it was clear the writers wanted to see her suffer romantically time and time again.

began, Angel Batista and Maria La Guerta were sleeping with each other. It never really made any sense, and several seasons down the line, it was easy to forget that it ever happened. Once her relationship with Anton was actually stable, she quickly screwed it up by falling into the arms of her old flame.

This gives her a heroic feat under her belt and enough for Matthews to decide firmly on promoting her to Lieutenant, which she makes La Guerta do. Rudy Cooper/Brian Moser AKA The Ice Truck Killer is probably the biggest one of them all.