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With Verizon LIDB Access, you'll experience seamless operation and deliver instantaneous response to your customers.

You originate LIDB queries from your operator services system that is identified by an originating point code.

Then, your query is routed to the Verizon LIDB over our CCS7 access connection through our signal transfer points.

The requested billing validation data, in the form of signaling information, is passed back to your customer-designated location via one of Verizon's interconnecting signal transfer points.

LIDB queries return information about billing and privacy features associated with line number entries stored in the database (following an industry format as described in the Telcordia Operator Services Generic Requirements (OSSGR)) The carrier has the capability to input end user records for its subscribers into the Verizon LIDB.

The LIDB provides the ability to perform screening for collect, bill to third number and calling cards, and to determine whether billed lines are either public or semi-public telephones.

We'll share those revenues with you if you meet certain qualifications.With information on approximately 100 million lines served by Verizon and other carriers, the Verizon LIDB offers the data you need to support revenue-generating Alternate Billing Services (ABS).With LIDB Access Services, you can automatically validate calls to be billed to calling cards and screen billing numbers for collect and third-number call restrictions.It can process up to 880 queries per second at response times of less than one second. To maintain exceptional accuracy levels, we continuously update the Verizon LIDB.

If you work for a telecommunications service provider, please respond to the questions in the form below. An account manager will contact you to discuss Verizon Partner Solutions service… continue reading »

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