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16-Jul-2017 17:12

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Finally, who made the piece and where are often the most frustrating questions to be answered.

If they are slightly different metal or make than the body of the piece, you likely have a replaced clasp.A resized ring or or repaired pin mechanism may have had hallmarks, maker's marks and/or purity/assay marks removed or polished off making it difficult to identify exactly who made the piece, but the item fundamentally remains a brooch or a ring.If the top portion of a ring has been removed from its shank and a pinstem placed on the reverse the piece is now a pin and no longer a ring. Secondly, while you may not be able to pin down an exact date of manufacture, by identifying the style of the piece the time period of the search can be narrowed down considerably.Forearmed with the basic jewelry era parameters on the item under investigation helps to target further search efforts.

First and foremost it is important to classify the function of the jewelry item. are essentially done in the same manner, but since some designers, manufacturers and retailers specialized in certain types of jewelry it is important to acknowledge the item's function.An excellent illustrated guide to clasps can be found at the url: Chat Before we finish this topic, we should mention that you could have jewelry with a replaced clasp.A good jeweler's loupe (10x magnification at minimum) or a microscope and good lighting are essential in finding these hidden treasures.

This is one of the most common types of clasps used on costume jewelry from the. MORE dating jewelry using. Three Titles on Vintage Jewelry You.… continue reading »

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