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21-Jul-2017 05:18

Like if you have a very mild depression that flares up once a year or whatever, you'll probably be ok.But a truly depressed person who is depressed 99% of the time...:/My girlfriend tries so so so hard to understand but I know she just can't, and people who have never had it severely enough to affect your daily live will never will. It just sucks so bad but I'm going to a psychiatrist on Monday to start and get help! I was scared, ashamed for being a loony, and incredibly suspicious that the meds would change me into someone I wasn't. It's not a magic fix, but finding a good medicine makes things a heck of a lot easier. I used to have panic attacks but nowadays, not anymore.It took me a long time to overcome it and I finally did.It would be probably be a total disaster but I still feel it should exist.Edit: just woken up and seeing as this got way bigger than I originally anticipated, it just needs stressing that I don't legitimately feel this is a good idea.There also isn't much of a market, since Match and Ok Cupid already serve as dating sites for the depressed and hopeless if you've used them long enough.Tinder too if you omit the "players" that use it for hookups only.

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Relationships should (EDITed out) be based on positive things, because if they negatives made you come together then you need the negatives to stay together.If one of them comes of out of it, and the other does not, it's a one way "burden" relationship and even the depressed one gets more depressed realising that.EDIT: what there definitely should be is an informal / casual peer-support group of people of both genders where you can have close friendships, but dating is discouraged due to above issues. My partner is not depressed, I am, and I am thankful every day that he is not.there's just no way they'll be able to do that. Two depressed people would be able to support each other fine. I don't think I'd feel shitty I couldn't support them, I think it'd actually be really nice to have someone to relate to and vice versa.

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