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However, that did not prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled, it only made its fulfillment more certain.

Nebuchadnezzar sent his army and laid siege to The City, whose inhabitants became so hungry that they ate their own children.

A computerised planetary model has been used to calculate the astronomical interpretation of the astronomical hieroglyphics on this stone and they give a time of mid-day on the 21st of September 581 B. (which was the Autumnal Equinox, the symbolic time of Repose / Dying).

The conjunction of Saturn; Jupiter and Mercury in Virgo was only made visible due to the simultaneous Solar Eclipse, also in Virgo.

The blockage in question extended to the waste water outlets servicing the kitchen sinks. When taps were turned throughout the food business the human excrement was observed bubbling up through the toilet bowl,” the order reads.He did this to protect Teia Tephi and The Ark from being found, and so that no-one would know where The Ark was being taken.The Ark of The Covenant is the special box inside which The Torah and The Stone Tablets, on which The Ten Commandments were written, are a title; meaning wise sage.The closure was one of seven ruled upon by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) in December following health inspections.

The other orders served include: Elsewhere, Tigh Giblin restaurant in Spiddal, Galway, was closed for three days between 15 and 18 December, Rose Garden Chinese restaurant was closed for six days from 7 December, and China Town takeaway in Castlebellingham, Louth, was closed for four days from 1 December. If you love Femdom or are just taking an interest in it, you should start by joining Femdom Dating. Totally FREE for Women (and for men under conditions), Femdom Dating is run by Femdom lifestyle people like you and me.The tomb was excavated; the hieroglyphics were traced and drawings made of them.

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MEATH COUNTY COUNCIL has confirmed that the €4.3 million stolen in a bogus email scam is now frozen in a bank account in Hong Kong. In recent weeks, the council was the subject of a “CEO fraud” scam, whereby emails purporting to be from council chief executive Jackie Maguire asked for the.… continue reading »

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Lists 40 best Irish dating sites and apps by popularity, including 20 dating sites, 18 dating apps, and 2 dating agencies.… continue reading »

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Newgrange Irish Sí an Bhrú or Brú na Bóinne is a prehistoric monument in County Meath, Ireland, located 8 kilometres 5.0 mi west of Drogheda on the north side of… continue reading »

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