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Allen, Barry Potyondi, Brian Dawson, Harold Freyer, Jackie Takacs, the Crowsnest Historical Society, and the East Kootenay Historical Society.

On the right, across the narrowed throat of the Crowsnest Pass, Sentinel Mountain, point-guard for the south stretching Flathead Range, fills the viewer’s south-east quadrant as it rises to 8,000 feet behind nearby Island Ridge.

Now the Lapin and Sweetheart cherries from the Creston Valley are being shipped worldwide.

With tree fruit production second only to the Okanagan, many of the local farmers will have signs luring you up their driveways to try some freshly picked cherries, peaches, apples or pears.

With the mild climate, two crops of hay and sometimes three in a growing season are not uncommon.

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The Garden Festival in July is a chance for gardeners to share their gardens and knowledge. Hopefully the cyclist doesn’t make out this greeting through a curtain of wind-whipped rain. For as much as Albertans tend to deny it, the fact is that their province does see some precipitation, although, truthfully, down here in the southern reaches, not an excessive amount. Until CP hacked its roadbed into the latter’s edge late in 1897 and the Alberta Department of Public Works bull-dozed the proto-No. posted 2002/02/02 revised 2010/10/18 Into Alberta Running Rails into the Pass Crowsnest Lake Train Hold-up at Sentinel King Coal The Municipality Into Coleman International Coal and Coke and Early Coleman MLaren Lumber Company Blairmore—20th Avenue The Village of Blairmore Blairmore’s mine The Big Strike and “ Reds” Blairmore’s secondary industries The Town of Blairmore Blairmore tonight Frank The little empire of Henry Luplin Frank Then the Turtle walked The Smelter Side trip to Lille Leaving Frank Early Bellevue and the West Canadian Collieries mine Maple Leaf Coal Company Bellevue and the end of Mining Shoot out at Joe’s Detour through Hillcrest Passburg, Police Flats and the Leitch Collieries Into Alberta Possibly coffee’d at the Inn on the Border between Alberta and British Columbia at Crowsnest, travellers eastbound turn right out of that establishment’s access road to retake the Crowsnest Highway, the No. “ Welcome to Sunny Alberta” reads the first sign. From the middle of the westbound lane’s rail of this narrowish 1964 span, the photographer’s eye is drawn off north-easterly down the Railway’s alignment as it commences to curl itself along the northern shores of Island and, beyond it, Crowsnest, Lake.To find out more about the orchards, take an orchard tour at one of the many fruit and vegetable markets along Highway 3 East.

If you are feeling especially ambitious, there are many more locations where you can pick your own fruit or vegetables.

Erskine Davison, Jock Carpenter, Joane Cardinal-Schubert, Margaret Anne Kennedy, Florence Kerr, Alrik Tiberg, Chester B. Crowned since 1950 with a 175 foot-tall Alberta Government Telephones – now Telus – micro-wave transmission tower, the Ridge marks the south-east corner of the High Rock Range and separates the Highway from the Phillipps Pass and Mount Tecumseh.