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Sarcasm can show that the girl doesn’t take herself or life too seriously.One girl’s profile that made me laugh said she was seeking a ‘rock star chef to search the infinite abyss with.An unsmiling group of men, 19th century Americans it seemed, were playing croquet in front of a wooden building in a rural setting. This was only the second known photograph of the Wild West’s most infamous outlaw. Collecting vintage photographs can be a voyage of discovery.Just like with books, you probably shouldn’t collect photographs for financial gain. Abe Books has sold a number of them over the years.And if you can make a red velvet cake, well, that’s pretty sexy, too.’” “Most men are basically children.If your profile comes across as too sophisticated, we’re afraid you’re going to make us sell our Xbox One on e Bay. Put fun key words in your profile to get us on the hook, then you can switch the game up once we’re dating and we won't even notice that we’re apple picking with you on the weekends.” –James, 42"I met a woman who didn't have a profile photo and neither did I, but she mentioned she loved a city I recently visited and loved too.For recommended photography books, check out “The History of Photography from 1839 to the Present Day” by Beaumont Newhall, “A History of Photography: From 1839 to the Present” by William Johnson, “A World History of Photography” by Naomi Rosenblum, and “The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression” by Bruce Barnbaum. It could be the work from a specific era, process, photographer or studio or a specific sub-category of images such as portraits, landscapes, families, children, military, or entertainment figures. Photo postcards are one option and are still created today.If you decide to collect images from entertainment industries like music, cinema or sports, you will encounter publicity images that could be intended for the general public or the media.

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The daguerreotype, the first commercial photographic process, was expensive to produce as a silvered copper plate was required. These images could not be reproduced and originals are very fragile.They simulated a three-dimensional view and often captured faraway locations. These had a uniform size and were mounted onto card.Images of children were very popular but many images from the American Civil War were also captured on CDV.Once I realized that our interests and travels mimicked each others, I had to immediately message her to find out more." –John, 30RELATED: The Worst Online Dating Messages Ever What He Thinks About You Reaching Out First“If a girl messages me first, that's definitely attractive.

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It shows she knows what she wants, and if that's me, who am I to complain?Collect because you love history, or imagery, or people captured in a single moment of time, or a particular type of camera, or because the work of a particular photographer resonates with you. A signed photograph of American industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie sold for ,500, a signed photograph of political activist Helen Keller went for ,750, a photo of actor Basil Rathbone sold for ,500 and a signed photo of author Arthur Conan Doyle sold for ,300. Look for photographer stamps showing the date of production. Print date: You want an image printed as close to the creation of the negative as possible. Social impact of a particular image: Think of Robert Capa’s famous image of the soldier being shot in the Spanish Civil War or Nick Ut’s shot of the naked and napalmed Vietnamese girl.There are several factors that can affect the value of a vintage photograph: Scarcity: fewer copies mean greater value. Reputation of the photographer: Has their work being converted into a book or displayed in an art gallery? Firstly, it’s important to become familiar with the jargon associated with vintage photography.But not everyone can pull off a selfie, and those who do should probably take them sparingly, if academic research is to be believed.

Feb 16, 2012. Dating Old Photographs – The Clues that Tintypes Hold, 1890. 3 Quick Tips to Unlock the Secrets of an Old Lowell Photo. I agree that the photographs showing only men are more difficult to date – there are some subtle.… continue reading »

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Nov 19, 2015. Flipping through boxes, he came across an old photograph. An unsmiling. Look for photographer stamps showing the date of production. Reprints are. Cabinet photo of man on a bike Cabinet photo of Princess of Prussia.… continue reading »

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