Dating old columbia records

09-Feb-2017 19:47

Columbia sent master cuttings for local manufacture to each of their plants, of which one, by definition, was the first cutting.

In most cases I have auditioned, Oriole pressings are markedly inferior to both the earlier Philips UK pressings and the US counterparts.This 1989 edition of Jean Luc Ponty’s tells a story alright.Eight apparently, or nine if you include the eponymous Bernie Grundman.: Columbia Matrix Codes THE LJC COLUMBIA LABEL CHEAT SHEET Last Update: October 15, 2016 1.

Columbia: The Early Years pre-1956 1.1 Black Columbia “Magic Notes” logo Down at the 6 o’clock position above the circled “LP” is the “Magic Notes” symbol, a black beamed semi-quaver reversed out on a white circle, which was the registered trademark of Columbia.Pressing Columbia Columbia at one time had five plants in operation, over time consolidated into three: Terre Haute, IN (1953 -1982), Pitman, NJ (1960 – 1986), and Santa Maria, CA (1963 – 1981).Bridgeport Conn and Hollywood Alden Drive plants transferred into their successor plants Pitman and Santa Maria.The 360 degree sound was used for both mono and stereo editions up until 1967, when it was dropped from Mono, probably after someone asked the obvious question: how does Mono produce 360 degrees of sound? ” rim print at bottom is positioned slightly differently from on the stereo label. Columbia-all-round – the modern label found on many later reissues First editions and re-issues on the “Columbia all round” red label, date from the Seventies onward .