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14-Feb-2017 22:02

Another aspect I hear is that it feels better for the girl when the guy is uncircumcised, so maybe girls wouldn't enjoy it as much.

With all this said however, I do remember from sex-ed, that the brain is the most important aspect of sex — so I keep that in mind as well! Being uncircumcised makes the head of my penis really sensitive to any kind of stimulation.

It works the same way, does all the same things, and I'd assume feels about the same.

There's really no reason to think sex will be much different or even different at all just because someone is or isn't circumcised.

Ask him to show you how it works, what's different about it, and then see if he lets you mess around with it. Obviously every penis is unique, but an uncircumcised penis has additional features that need to be accounted for.

Man 4: If the guy takes care of himself there should be no issues whatsoever... One thing I've noticed is sometimes a woman will pull back way too hard and it hurts... If there are issues with cleanliness just get him to take better care of himself. Tell him to pull it back when he pees, and if necessary clean with toilet paper after. What’s a misconception that you want to clear up about being uncircumcised?

In fact, a 2010 CDC study showed that in 2007, 55.4% of newborn male babies left the hospital circumcised — a 10% difference than in 1979 when that percentage was 64.9%. Here, four anonymous men explain what it’s really like to be uncircumcised. Man 2: From what I hear, one doesn't have the sensory endings once the skin is snipped, so I guess I might not feel as much.

There are a lot of nerve endings in the foreskin, so [I have] a lot of sensation.

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I'm not sure where this myth about foreskins getting extra dirty comes from, but it definitely has not been my experience.Man 3: They usually find out because I tell them after the fact.They're pretty shocked because, unless I point it out, they don’t really realize it on their own. When you get hard, it pulls back usually anyway, if not, I do it myself.I once dated a girl and after two years she said how she hated uncircumcised penis and thought they were gross and was so happy I was cut...she wasn't dumb by any means.

If you take care of yourself it's not a big deal at all, and most women won't notice.

My parents never made the decision to snip and I feel like it’s been a blessing because i have more sensitivity down there. Man 1: It's hard to imagine how it would be better.