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Washington residents pursue a wide range of interests in the fine arts.

The Seattle Symphony, the Seattle Opera Association, and the Seattle Repertory Theatre draw national attention.

Over the course of the 20th century, the University of Washington built one of the most storied college football programs on the West Coast, with numerous Rose Bowl victories and a national championship in 1991 to its credit.

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Helens National Volcanic Monument, and more than 125 state parks attract campers, hikers, and rock climbers during the summer months. A number of weekly and biweekly business journals provide financial and business news.Marmes Rock Shelter, in arid eastern Washington, has yielded a 10,000-year sequence of tools left by hunters and gatherers along with some of the oldest well-documented skeletal remains in the Western Hemisphere.The Ozette site, on the Olympic Peninsula, has a unique collection of well-preserved clothing, basketry, and harpoons of people who fished and hunted seals and whales 500 years ago.Tools of a similar culture dating from 2,000 years ago were also found there.

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These and other sites in the state reflect the diverse cultural forms that evolved after prehistoric migrations from northeastern Asia.The School of Drama at the University of Washington pioneered modern arena staging.Several smaller cities have orchestras and drama groups.Among the major art galleries and museums, the Seattle Art Museum has extensive collections of Asian art.

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