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This new tour promises to be no exception, following months of meticulous planning and visionary craft, it will inspire crowds with its powerful delivery to take the audience on a musical journey.

Steven Rogers (ancestor, deceased); Ian (maternal grandfather, presumably deceased); Joseph Rogers (father, deceased); Sarah Rogers (mother, deceased); Unnamed younger brother (deceased); Ian Zola (Nomad) (adopted son); Unborn child (deceased)Formerly S. To help him become a symbolic counterpart to the Red Skull, Rogers was given the red, white, and blue costume of Captain America.

And as long as the Dream remains even partially unfulfilled, I cannot abandon it!

In the early 1940's, I made a personal pledge to uphold the Dream...

Little else is known about Rogers' early life other than the fact that a strong sense of duty, honor, and humility was instilled in him; perhaps due to his Irish Catholic upbringing.

Rogers grew up a frail youth during the Great Depression in America.

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For a time, World War II Bucky fought alongside a time-displaced modern-era Captain America until the Avengers recovered their colleague to the present day.

D., Avengers Unity Division (founder), Avengers (off-field leader), Illuminati, Invaders (leader), U. Army, Operation Rebirth, Secret Avengers (leader), Captain America Corps, Secret Avengers (Civil War), New Avengers, Avengers (Heroes Reborn), Diamondback (partner), Demolition-Man (partner), Secret Defenders, Nomad (partner), Falcon (partner), Rick Jones (partner), Crazy S. Steve Rogers emerged from the vita-ray chamber with a perfect human body. Erskine died without fully committing the Super-Soldier formula to paper, leaving Rogers the sole beneficiary of his genius.

Given part of the compound intravenously and another part orally, Rogers was then bombarded by vita-rays, a special combination of exotic (in 1941) wavelengths of radiation designed to accelerate and stabilize the serum's effect on his body.

In addition to working with his young sidekick Bucky, Cap regularly fought alongside other Allied super-powered heroes such as Namor the Sub-Mariner and the android Human Torch, who were the recognized core of the World War II super-team known as the Invaders - a name suggested by English premier Winston Churchill.

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Rogers sometimes came into contact with a Canadian paratrooper named Jim Howlett, the man who would come to be known as Wolverine.

After weeks of tests, Rogers was at last administered the Super-Soldier Serum.