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It's still the best website out there for classmates to meet, collect their info and advertise their reunions. " There are no fees required for participation on this site.Please support this site with your voluntary contributions.Francis Winfield Towles lived it it from 1880 until his death in 1927, so most people know it as his home.”By then the upper porch was already gone and it looked a lot like it does today.Francis Towles made the South Carolina history books.We cannot provide this service without your support.

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She realizes that Noah has actually made good on his long-ago promise to restore the house.Years later, after Noah and Allie have long been separated and Noah has been to war and back, his dad helps him buy the old house and fix it up: A reader named Natalie tells me that her great-great grandfather, Francis Winfield Towles, lived here, and she sent me some amazing old photos Love that there’s a dog in the pic.Looks like there was a whole upper porch that has since been eliminated.has some great old houses to look at: Allie’s, Noah’s, and the old plantation house that served as the nursing home. Boone Hall Plantation served as Allie’s family’s summer home.

The antebellum mansion is located in South Carolina near Charleston and has the distinction of being one of America’s oldest working plantations, growing and producing crops for over 320 years. We don’t see them in the movie, but there are 9 original slave cabins still standing on the property, dating back to the 1700s (photo via the DVD special features): The plantation is open to tourists who can see what life was like for its residents in the 1800s. Photos of the house taken during production (via DVD special features): Interior photographs of the house aren’t allowed, but based on this postcard I found, the real rooms look nothing like the interiors in the movie: The interiors were shot at Calhoun Manor in Charleston.Our Story Classreport holds a special place in the hearts of our users: Bravos.This class reunion website is a complementary addition to your existing alumni resources. and may not be affiliated with El Dorado High School or its alumni association."Just discovered your product today while trying to locate classmates ahead of our 50th reunion in 2020.Furthermore over 70 additional categories of "Interests" can be queried and downloaded based upon the type of website that the data recorded opted into.