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Having specifics on locations helps with the 'How'. Thai girls have their own set of guidelines, just different to yours.I can't stress this is enough having great profile photos is a 'must have'.Have a look at the picture below to get an idea of what I'm talking about.You want to end up with thai girls that you find interesting, in your own style. If you like a chubby Thai girlfriend - that's good too.That speaks volumes the Thai ladies have much to offer Western guys who wish to find a beautiful Thai girl. There's a lot written elsewhere about having a Thai girlfriend in Isaan is only about money.That can be said about women in any part of the world.Having a Thai girlfriend one day doesn't mean she'll be yours the next. It is your job to determine who your Thai girlfriend is going to be. Class is determined by where you were born, your gender, your skin colour, money, your visible possessions, family status and even the boyfriend you're with. I know of successful marriages between Western men and their Thai girlfriends. Always be on your guard for signs of your Thai girlfriend chatting online for long periods of time. Your new Thai girlfriend will think different to you.

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For me, a dating website is simply a shopping mall. Do it on your smartphone when you are waiting to meet a potential Thai girlfriend, for that first face to face meeting if you want lol Compare this to the work you need to do if you're going to do 'day game' in a shopping mall in Bangkok. Surprisingly, they unaware what’s happening outside of their own country. Talk about travel Ask her if she has traveled before and what her dream destination would be.

So the first thing that my past Thai girlfriends see is that I'm active. I have what these cute Thai girls desire and they want some of that for their lives or so they think. Leave mystery in their minds with a short profile description.

Enough to get their interest and get the online conversation started.

The ‘good' Thai girlfriend material are much more shy and less open to meeting a foreign guy (Farang).

You'll also find most younger Thai ladies in Chiang Mai have never had a boyfriend until they finish their college years.It's your choice so be honest and tune your mind to what YOU want in life.Well, obviously in Thailand, dummy :) Thailand is a small country.Where in Thailand you want to visit will go towards where you need to find a Thai girlfriend.