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02-Apr-2017 10:24

If you really want to make it with this girl, I would make her a mix CD of metal songs.

Metal songs that describe you, describe her and the way you feel about her (maybe leave “Pleasure Slave” off).

I know it’s harder for guys in the metalhead dating game, because while some research suggests an equal number of men and women listen to metal, men are predominantly the ones who go to shows, collect the albums, and obsess over the music.

The girls who do this are either – to quote my charming husband – “ugly or taken.” So if you want a metalhead girl, you have the numbers stacked against you from the very beginning. When you say “metalheads and non-metalheads, does it work?

I knew metal would always be a big part of my life and I wanted someone to share that with.

Having dated (and married) a metalhead, I would never reconsider this decision (and it a conscious decision).

Many of my guy friends love going out to gigs with their friends as an excuse to hang out once a month, and have a big blokes night out.

He was more into alternative rock, and I felt myself being pulled further away from the “scene”, into his world, and I realized that wasn’t what I wanted.

As time went on, we just spent less and less time together as my interests went in one direction and his in another.

This wasn’t just about the music, but it was a big part of it.

Recently, a lot of bands have been visiting my city, and I’ve spent tons of money on shows and tickets and t-shirts, and we stopped doing stuff as much as we used to, because I’ve been busy and broke and it’s pissing her off.

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I feel sad when I see other dudes with their girlfriends headbanging away at shows.Your girlfriend obviously loves music too, and she probably feels the same way about her indie music. Feel free to call it “indie shit” here, though, because I 100% agree.You shouldn’t give up on your girl because she doesn’t like metal, but you should call it quits if she actually doesn’t get , and what you stand for.I am the person he needed to show him he can do more with his life than he ever imagined.