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04-Aug-2017 12:20

‘I was shit-scared when I met Kevin Feige,” Daniel Brühl confesses.

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“If he’d asked me any professional comic book questions I would have been lost.”Best remembered for putting Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box, Spacey’s character in the serial killer thriller certainly seems like a left-field reference point for a Marvel movie (Paltrow’s recurring role as Iron Man’s girlfriend Pepper Potts notwithstanding).“And then having this guy in the background pulling the strings – that was an idea I liked very much.”But his character is also quite ambiguous.Brühl hesitates to use the word “likeable”, but he was attracted to the way Zemo is a villain with a certain humanity he could empathise with.“I’ve always wanted to make sure that the characters I’m playing have an equal voice to their male counterparts and to play complicated women,” Dakota said via Deadline.

Dakota Fanning joins her hunky co-stars Luke Evans and Daniel Bruhl at a The Alienist promotional event on Tuesday May.… continue reading »

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Relationship dating details of Reena Hammer and Daniel Bruhl and all the other celebrities they've hooked up with.… continue reading »

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