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24-Jun-2017 08:41

So, with almost no money invested, Perrin was able to very quickly throw his idea out there and quickly learn that the target market is VERY INTERESTED in the idea!

Here's an image of the current landing page on Vylo.org: In fact, within just a few days, Perrin was able to build an email list of over 6,300 people!

I was happy to hear all the positive feedback that many of you shared in the comments of my last blog post. This perhaps goes without saying, but the profit margins can be exceptionally good in the software business.

Owning a software business can be highly profitable, and many of you are interested in learning the steps to create a software business without any programming skills. Below you will find what Perrin and I have already done to start our software business, and what our plans will be to market and sell the product. In addition, its a product you can build once, and then sell an unlimited number of times (within reason), so there is big profit potential.

Yes, I know that software is not a one time cost, it requires updates and maintenance and customer support; but its very different than a physical product that has variable costs based on number of orders.

In addition, when you create software; you can help people accomplish things – it can truly add value to people.

A couple of weeks ago, I revealed that I would be pursuing 2 case studies this year and sharing the details on my blog.

One of those case studies is to create a software product outside of the internet marketing or SEO niche. Before I jump into what the business idea is and what we've done so far, I want to explain why Perrin and I are tackling a software business.

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Once we got some basic coding answers, we posted a job on for the job.

The team originally began with Perrin and his friends; Samir and Ahon. So, Samir and Ahon (in addition to Perrin and I) may be stopping by and responding to comments throughout the case study here. So, I'm going to let Perrin share in his own words the genesis of this business idea. I know this post is going to be a monster, but I wanted to chime in and tell you a bit about where the idea came from and a little bit about what we’ve done so far. Vylo came from looking for pain points in a strong, familiar market, which is where lots of good business ideas come from. (This is Spencer writing now…) So, if the idea is Perrin's and he has been working on it for a few months already, why am I involved?